Contacts: Talos Island

Contacts: Talos Island

Andrea Mitchell


Occupation: Private Security Consultant
Location: New Thebes
Villain Groups: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Warriors, Tsoo, The Family

Andrea Mitchell is a private security consultant who specializes in protecting clients from paranormal threats.

After years spent in the army, Andrea is no stranger to danger, but it's only recently that she became interested in the occult. Two years ago she fell victim to a life-threatening curse while protecting a local businessman who had run afoul of a death cult.

She barely survived, but, rather than run from the world of magic like most people would, she vowed to learn more about it. She's been studying hard ever since and knows quite a bit about the supernatural.

She also has a wide network of contacts who she turns to for information and assistance, including a number of notable heroes.

Andrew Fiore


Occupation: Electronics Purveyor
Location: New Thebes
Villain Groups: The Family, Freakshow, Tsoo

With their experimental armor and high tech weapons, heroes are always in need of some special electronic part that's impossible to find.

Andrew Fiore makes it his job to find those parts. He deals with all manner of sources, some of them a little less than honest. As a result, he hears a great many interesting things, and he's more than happy to pass on tips to his hero clients. He's proud to do his part to put criminals behind bards, and he'll occasionally give out more than just information if he thinks a greased palm may get the job done.

He's especially fervent when it comes to villains that directly impact his business, such as the thieving Freakshow.

Barry Gosford


Occupation: Police Lieutenant
Location: New Troy
Villain Groups: Sky Raiders, The Council

Lt. Barry Gosford works for the Paragon City Police Department, running a detail that specializes in emerging threats.

These are criminal organizations or social trends that the officers feel have the potential to become highly dangerous unless checked at an early stage. Identifying and fighting these groups is a daunting task, but the detail has had one notable success: the total elimination of the Dragon Aces, a super-powered gang that was growing in strength until a year ago, when Lt. Gosford's special unit was first founded.

While Gosford and his men do take credit for bringing down the Dragon Aces, they also admit that they had a little help from another rising threat: the Tsoo. These days the Sky Raiders are a major concern for Gosford and his group, although they have recently opened a major investigation into the Council as well.

Cain Royce


Occupation: Philanthropist
Location: New Troy
Villain Groups: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Warriors, Tsoo, The Family

Cain Royce is the head of the Royce Foundation, which was started by his grandfather at the turn of the 20th Century.

The foundation was originally a religious organization whose goal was to support African American churches through the financial and discriminatory challenges they suffered. However, Grandfather Royce soon faced a challenge he'd never anticipated. A foul cult of demon worshipers was preying on Paragon City's African American community.

He turned all his resources to fighting this cult and, with the help of the whole community, succeeded. Ever since, the Royce Foundation has concentrated its resources on fighting malicious occult groups. Cain still works with the community, but he also coordinates the efforts of heroes in the fight against threats like the Banished Pantheon and the Circle of Thorns.

Claire Childress


Occupation: Medium
Location: Argo Highway
Villain Groups: Freakshow

Claire Childress is known in occult circles as an unwilling medium.

A natural magnet for ghosts of all kind, Claire's been hearing voices from the spirit world since childhood. She's even been possessed on more than a few occasions. Much of Claire's adolescence was spent in hospital wards for the mentally ill, and not even her parents believed she was sane until she started predicting future disasters.

Young Claire found a friend in a hero named Alyssa Stone, a powerful magician. Alyssa became a mother figure to Claire and helped her master her talents and use them for the greater good. Alyssa died in the Rikti War, but Claire continues to work in honor of her memory, helping heroes when she can and warning them of disturbances in the spirit world.

Eliza Thorpe


Occupation: Missing Persons Investigator
Location: Argo Highway
Villain Groups: Devouring Earth, Council, The Lost

Eliza Thorpe works for the city´s Missing Persons Bureau, an agency that specializes in finding the lost and preventing the kidnappings that occur all too frequently in Paragon City.

A former FBI agent, Eliza moved to Paragon City to search for her parents, who went missing just after the Rikti War. She never found them, but her life was changed forever when she learned how many disappearances occur in Paragon City every day. She and her colleagues work hand in hand with the city´s heroes to try and stem the tide of kidnappings, but it is definitely a uphill battle.

Eliza remains hopeful that the situation will improve if she keeps fighting the good fight, but she realizes she will need plenty of help.

Hinckley Rasmussen


Occupation: Researcher for Midnight Squad
Location: New Troy
Villain Groups: Warrior, The Family, Tsoo, Outcasts

The Midnight Squad is but a shadow of its former self, having lost many of his most powerful heroes during the war.

Now its members concern themselves mainly with research, the preservation of knowledge and advising more active heroes. Hinckley Rasmussen is a primary example of this new trend. A longtime researcher for the Midnight Squad, he has only recently begun to speaking to heroes outside the secretive mystic organization. Now he´s come to enjoy helping others quite a bit.

He's a charming, somewhat eccentric fellow who gives advice even when it´s not asked for. These days his research focuses mostly on the activities of the Tsoo, altough he also has an abiding interest in the Warriors.

Jim Bell


Occupation: Reporter
Location: New Corinth
Villain Groups: Tsoo, Warriors

Jim Bell is a veteran journalist who found that retirement just didn't suit him.

Instead of staying home, Jim struck out on his own to report on the stories that interest him most. Paragon City soon became his favorite subject, and he developed an intense interest in the various gangs that fight for control of its streets. Jim loves to look for the human angle of every story, and he often interviews the families of gang members as well as their victims.

In doing so, he gathers a lot of information, some of it off the record. If there's a problem Jim can't deal with in print, he'll call in a friendly hero to help him out. That is, of course, if that hero is willing to give him exclusive rights to the story.

Josef Keller


Occupation: Professor of Folklore
Location: Argo Highway
Villain Groups: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Warriors, Tsoo

Josef Keller is one of the most radical and inventive academics in Paragon City.

While his expertise and training is in traditional Irish folklore, he has recently made a name for himself in the study of modern, urban folklore. He has published several papers on the links between ancient myths and modern heroics, and he's especially interested in those groups that trancend both eras.

The Banished Pantheon fascinates him, as it comes from an ancient time when gods still openly walked the Earth, and continues to operate in the modern world, where many no longer believe in any kind of divinity at all.

Professor Keller works with heroes on a regular basis, providing information and direction about criminal cases that involve any kind of folklore or mythological angle.

John Strobel


Occupation: Citizen Defense Coalition Organizer
Location: New Troy
Villain Groups: Sky Raiders

John Strobel is a retired police officer and army veteran who has served his city and country for over 30 years.

When he retired he decided that there was still much he could do for the city, and so he formed the Citizen Defense Coalition, a group of retired or otherwise inactive individuals from law enforcement, the military, and the costumed hero business. The Coalition's main goal is to provide expertise to those actively involved in fighting crime.

Although they seldom go out on the streets to battle villains anymore, they do provide valuable intelligence about what's going on in their neighborhoods. Many still retain their old snitches, informants, and contacts. John himself focuses his efforts on trying to rehabilitate good guys who have gone bad.

He believes that it's possible to redeem some of the city's criminals, especially those like the Sky Raiders who have decent, military backgrounds

Lt. Col. Hugh McDougal


Occupation: Army Super-powered Relations Officer
Location: New Sparta
Villain Groups: Freakshow

The United States military has had a long relationship with heroes. Many serve as active soldiers, though most prefer to operate on their own.

Lt. Colonel Hugh McDougal is one of many soldiers tasked with maintaining good relations between these freelancers and the military. McDougal likes his post a great deal, and he frequently goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. He often informs heroes about possible crimes and gives them other valuable, non-classified information.

All the while, he keeps careful records, so that the government will have an accurate database of available assets should a catastrophe like the Rikti Invasion ever happen again.

Lt. Manuel Ruiz


Occupation: Police Officer, Gang Unit
Location: New Thebes
Villain Groups: Tsoo

Gangs continue to be a problem in Paragon City, and it's Manuel Ruiz's job to deal with them.

A highly decorated and dedicated officer, Lt. Ruiz made a name for himself when he went undercover for a year within the now defunct Brothers of Doom gang. The gang of super-powered thugs had menaced the city thoughout the 1980's, but thanks to Ruiz's bravery, they were brought down.

Today, Lt. Ruiz manages other undercover officers. He also works with the city's heroes, since he realizes that costume-clad defenders are often the only thing standing between the city and utter chaos. While heroes seldom go undercover themselves, they can give his officers valuable support.

Marvin Weintraub


Occupation: Technology Expert
Location: New Corinth
Villain Groups: Council, Freakshow, The Family, Sky Raiders

Marvin Weintraub is an expert physicist who earned himself a modest fortune in the early nineties, when he designed an experimental energy weapon that became the precursor to today's most powerful laser weapons.

Marvin's always been fascinated by military technology, so, once his fortune was secured, he dedicated himself to supporting those heroes who wanted to test out new crime-fighting technologies. Now an advisor to the Paragon City Council, Marvin was part of the large brain trust responsible for designing the city's emergency teleportation network.

Still, he considers working with heroes to be his most rewarding job.

Miriam Bloechl


Occupation: Psychometrist
Location: New Corinth
Villain Groups: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Warriors

Miriam Bloechl is a psychic whom some people consider a hero in her own right.

Her powers don't allow her to put on a costume and fight crime with her fists, but she can be a valuable resource to those who do. She has the power to bring forth psychic visions from any object she touches. Sometimes she can even establish a psychic link with the object's owner, divining his or her whereabouts and current activities.

Miriam loves doing her part for the city's welfare, though she also sees paying clients: mostly civilians looking for lost loved ones or checking up on cheating husbands. After all, she's got to pay the bills somehow.

Oliver Haak


Occupation: Occultist
Location: New Corinth
Villain Groups: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns

Oliver Haak styles himself an occultist, and he's a bit of a mystery to the heroes he works with.

Some say he possesses magical abilities, while others believe his only power is a vast knowledge of magical lore. He seems to have some intuitive grasp of mystical matters, yet he never seems to spend any time studying ancient books or delving through forgotten libraries. There are those who speculate that Oliver is actually a helpful spirit in human guise.

Others maintain that he's channeling the spirits of the world's greatest wise men. The one thing that everyone agrees upon is that he's very happy to share his knowledge with heroes he deems worthy of his attention.

Piper Irving


Occupation: Anthropologist
Location: New Troy
Villain Groups: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns

Piper Irving recently graduated from Paragon University with a PhD in Anthropology.

Unlike many of her classmates, she decided to stay in the city to continue her research. Her particular area of focus is the city's religion-based criminal organizations. After a few near-death experiences, she has learned that it's much better to work with heroes than on her own.

She is often consulted because of her expertise on the belief systems and practices of groups like the Banished Pantheon and the Circle of Thorns. She's very enthusiastic about her work and is always looking for new help with her research.

Polly Cooper


Occupation: Civil Air Patrol Coordinator
Location: New Thebes
Villain Groups: Sky Raiders, The Lost

Once the Civil Air Patrol helped defend America's skies by watching the clouds for enemy aircraft.

Modern radar and high flying jets ended that role, but the rise of the flying super-powered criminal has brought it back with a vengeance. The Paragon City Civil Air Patrol consists of a few full time employees like Polly Cooper and a host of volunteers throughout the metropolitan area.

They take turns watching the skies for flying robots, villains, strange aircraft, alien attack pods, demonic winged creatures, and all other threats. Polly Cooper's job is to coordinate those reports and pass them on to the appropriate authorities. As often as not, that means freelance heroes who have the time and expertise to handle such threats.

Polly's network of watchers and volunteers makes her an invaluable resource for any hero who wants to keep the skies safe for birds and heroes alike.

Tyler French


Occupation: Youth Director
Location: Helen Point
Villain Groups: Tsoo, Warriors

Tyler French works for the rather beleaguered Paragon City Parks and Recreation Department.

With so much of the city still in need of repair, there is little money for things like after school programs and youth sports leagues. Tyler French has made it his mission to ensure that none of these things disappear. A low-paid Parks Department employee, he uses fundraisers to augment his non-existent budget and counts numerous prominent heroes among his donors.

He uses the money to develop programs that keep kids involved in productive, healthy pursuits. Tyler often heads out into the rougher neighborhoods to recruit teens he thinks might benefit from his programs. His activities put him in touch with many different criminal elements, and the kids he works with know that they can always tell him when they're in trouble.

Tyler passes that information on to the heroes he works with, happy to make a difference when and where he can.

Vic Garland


Occupation: Civil Rights Activist
Location: New Corinth
Villain Groups: Freakshow, The Family

Civil rights can be a touchy subject for super-powered heroes.

Equal opportunity is a cause they can all get behind, but when it comes to subjects like wrongful imprisonment and unfair prosecution, heroes tend to get nervous. It's Vic Garland's job to make them nervous.

Vic has devoted his life to protecting the civil rights of every man, woman, and child in America. Sometimes that means suing a hero for wrongfully beating the snot out of a suspected criminal. But much more often it means helping a hero catch some criminal who's flagrantly violating the rights of ordinary citizens. Recently, Vic has developed another, more personal crusade.

More and more villains have taken to hiding their hateful ideology and criminal activities behind a veneer of protest for civil rights. No group is guiltier of this than the Freakshow. Vic has a heated vendetta against such villains and, with the support of many heroes behind him, he's out to expose their nefarious activities.