Statesman is one of the first heroes of Paragon City.

He is the leader of the Freedom Phalanx as well as one of the co-founders.

Born Marcus Cole, he began his transformation from a poverty born child to world hero after serving in the US Army during World War I.

Instead of coming home in 1918 he headed east, bent on exploring the world now that he'd had a taste of it. Where he went and what happened to him during that lost decade remains a secret to this day.

What is no secret is that when his ship pulled into Paragon City port in 1931 he was much more than the young private who had shipped out to fight for freedom in Europe.

Cole claimed to have unlocked the power of his own Inner Will, an obscure explanation at best. Whatever their true origin, it was undeniable that Cole possessed something that hadn't been seen since the age of the Greek Heroes: superpowers.

Statesman.jpgCole was strong beyond human limits and impervious to fists, knives and even bullets. However he'd come by these powers, Cole now found a cause to which he could apply them: saving his beloved Paragon City from itself.

The would-be hero took on the name Statesman, an identity that personified all the values and ideals that Paragon City currently lacked.

Statesman went after crime head on, going after gang bosses, corrupt politicians and other lowlifes with a vengeance. His costume allowed him to hide from police while still leave behind an indelible impression on the city's populace.

In a few short months he had begun to make a difference. But his initial successes only served to unite the city's criminals against him. The tide began to turn when other costumed heroes appeared in the city. Extraordinary men and women, inspired by Statesman's example, were rising to meet the challenge.

On July 4th, 1932, Statesman collected these new heroes under the banner of the Freedom Phalanx.

The group battled together throughout the 1930s, taking down numerous criminal operations, including the gangs ruling Kings Row. Statesman's successes led to the Crime Fighting Act of 1937, which made the Freedom Phalanx a legally recognized crime fighting organization.