Fan Sites

Fan Sites

From CoH comic strips, to fan art, to online radio stations, if it's part of the ever-expanding CoH fan universe, you'll find it listed here.

@dvandom's City Of Heroes/Villains characters

@kwsapphire's City of Heroes Historic Calendar

The Adventures of Battle Bovine (Comic)

Arachnos Mutagenics

Blog of Heroes

The Cape

Catreena's Super Heroine Files

The Central Nexus Blog

City of Heroes Blog Freedom

City of Heroes Deviant Art

City of Heroes Vault (IGN)

City of Heroes Writer's Guild (Fan Art & Fiction)

The City of TheJerries

City of Zeroes (Comic Strip)

CJ's City of Heroes

The CoH Comic Index

Dr. Metropolis

Hawk Comics

Heroes of the City

Jen's COH Pages

Kinetic Kitten Comics CoH Site

Off The Cape (Podcast)

Paragon Wiki

Perils of Paula Comic

Radio Paragon


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