Paragon City: An Introduction

Paragon City: An Introduction

Welcome to Paragon City, the greatest city in America and home to the world’s most famous heroes.

The city has claimed for itself the title “birthplace of the hero,” an assertion that may or may not be true. However, no one can deny the fact that today Paragon City is home to more super powered heroes than any other metropolis on the planet.

Why? Because not only is Paragon City the largest city in the US, it also goes out of its way to support its hero population. In Paragon City, heroes fight crime and villainy with the government’s approval and to the population’s applause.

Here a hero can rise to the heights of fame, fortune, and power as long as he keeps his image positive and the local authorities appeased.

How did Paragon City become such a haven for super powered heroes? To answer this question, one must look back through the city’s own storied and sometimes tragic history.