Welcome to City of Heroes!

Welcome to City of Heroes!


You’ve been dreaming of this moment all your life. An entire city and its beleaguered citizens are in desperate need of heroes.

You have the powers. You have the talent. You have the heart. You are a hero. Paragon City is calling for you. Can you measure up to the standards set by the great heroes of Paragon City’s golden age?

This Quickstart guide will help you get into the game as smoothly and as quickly as possible, so read on and then go kick some villain butt!

To enter City of Heroes, click on the game icon on your desktop or Start menu. Each time you enter the game it will check for and (if there are any) automatically load any updates posted by the team.

When the game loads, you will first be prompted to select the server on which you wish to play. When selecting a server, check the green bubbles. The more bubbles, the more people on it. If it has too many people already, you won’t be able to choose it.

When you select your server, you may choose a Hero or Villain you've already created and begin play, or you may choose to create a new character. You may create up to 12 characters on any given server. You may also delete a previously created Hero to free up a character slot. Note that once a Hero is deleted, he or she is irretrievably gone.

Note: Heroes and Villains are created for a specific server and may only be played on that server.

If you choose to play on a new server, you will have to create new characters to play on that server, or you can purchase a character transfer in-game by selecting the "Buy Server Transfer" option on the bottom of the character selection screen.