Your First Day as a Villain

Your First Day as a Villain

When you have finished creating your character, you may begin adventuring in the Rogue Isles.

We strongly recommend you start with the tutorial provided in the game. Not only will this show you the basics of movement, navigation, combat and dealing with non-player characters (NPCs), but when you complete the tutorial you will have enough experience to progress to second level.

Remember, in the tutorial don’t just rely on the text messages from NPCs; you must also pay attention to the reminders automatically placed on your map and the other informational screens.

When you complete the tutorial, you will be flown to Mercy Island. Here you meet your first contact (Kalinda) and begin to make your presence known to the powers that be. You begin in an area called " Fort Darwin," which also plays home to your first trainer: Arbiter Diaz.

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When you arrive in Mercy Island, first speak with Arbiter Diaz to train up to your second level which will include the selection of one additional power. After you level, go speak with Kalinda and she will give you your first mission.

You'll likely spend your first five to six levels running missions out of here for Kalinda before picking up a new contact to the south.

You tangle with large numbers of snakes and eventually break the back of that group (at least on Mercy Island). Later missions take you to the city a ways to the south called " Fort Cerberus."

Now you are ready to begin your life as a villain of the Rogue Isles. Remember to pay attention to your map, which will reveal more and more of the zone as you explore.

Be cautious about crossing the yellow or red lines on your map, as these mark off more dangerous areas of the zone.