Rewards Overview

Rewards Overview


You are a Hero. You patrol the streets of Paragon city fighting to preserve the peace for those who are not able enough to fight themselves. Knowing the citizens of Paragon City can sleep a little easier with you standing watch as their protector is reward enough for you.

Then again... maybe it isn't.

It's true that being a Hero isn't a job, it's your destiny. But even the most virtuous and self-sacrificing Hero deserves recognition for a job well done.

Though this recognition may not be monetary, rest assured that the rewards available to you are vast.

Whether you are rescuing innocent homeless people from the clutches of a mad scientist, or delivering the latest batch of homeless people to the mad scientist for the next round of experiments, you will find that your acts of heroism or villainy are greatly appreciated by others.

Both Heroes and Villains earn a variety of rewards during their adventures and exploits; including inspirations, enhancements, and prestige, just to name a few.