The most common rewards for Heroes and Villains alike are Inspirations.

These are one-shot power boosts or buffs that help a player in battle. Inspirations represent dramatic moments in combat - a hero finding his "second wind" (Endurance) or a hero "spotting an enemy's weakness" (Accuracy) - that help turn the tide in battle.

Inspirations can be earned by defeating enemies in combat, trading them among allies, withdrawing them from their Super Groups Base (if the Super Groups has the needed storage container), or by using Influence/Infamy to purchase them from Contacts.

There are eight general types of Inspirations, each of which have different beneficial effects.

The types of inspirations available to players include:

Insp_Defense_Lvl_1.jpg Luck (boosts defense)

Insp_Health_Lvl_1.jpg Respite (recovers hit points)

Insp_Endurance_Lvl_1.jpg Catch a Breath (recovers Endurance)

Insp_Damage_Lvl_1.jpg Enrage (boosts damage)

Insp_Accuracy_Lvl_1.jpg Insight (boosts accuracy)

Insp_res_sleep_hold_Lvl_1.jpg Break Free (prevents or counters immobilizing or disorienting attacks)

Insp_Resurrection_Lvl_1.jpg Awaken (self-resurrects with some hit points but no Endurance; also called rez)

Insp_Damage_Resist_Lvl_1.jpg Sturdy (boosts Damage Resistance)

For each type of Inspiration, there are three power levels (minor, medium, and great), which is illustrated in the following example using the Inspiration Enrage.

Insp_Damage_Lvl_1.jpg Enrage - Increases all your damage by 25% for 60 seconds.

Insp_Damage_Lvl_2.jpgFocused Rage - Increases all your damage by 33% for 60 seconds.

Insp_Damage_Lvl_3.jpgRighteous Rage - Increases all your damage by 50% for 60 seconds.

There is also one special inspiration, called "Ambrosia", used only for the Eden Trial. Special "gift" inspirations with a random ability (including temporary immunity from experience debt) have also been available to players on occasion.

PLAYER TIP: Don't be afraid to use Inspirations. They drop frequently,
and many new heroes horde them, waiting for the "perfect moment."

A hero's available Inspirations are displayed in an Inventory Tray located above the Power Tray. After an Inspiration is used, it is gone forever and disappears from the Inventory Tray.

Use an Inspiration by clicking its icon in the Inventory Tray. You can also use the bottom row of Inspirations by hitting the corresponding function key, starting with F1.

To keep your Inspirations organized, you can click-and-drag them to different slots in your Inventory Tray.

Click the arrow icon on the Inspirations Tray to display additional rows of slots, or click it again to collapse the window to show only the bottom (hot-keyed) row.