Salvage is a reward for players and Super Groups that allows them to create inventions base items, and empowerments.

There are two types of Salvage; Invention Salvage and Base Salvage.

Players find both typed of Salvage by defeating powerful enemies (usually lieutenants and bosses). Sometimes, it can also be gained as a mission reward.

Players unlock "recipes" for new Inventions and Base Items by completing certain missions or earning badges. Invention Salvage is then combined with Influence/Infamy to fulfill the requirements of these recipes.

salvage.jpgTo create an Invention, Players need to have access to a creation device which can either located in their Base, or can be found some locations within the city, like the University in Steel Canyon.

Base items only require the appropriate Salvage in order to create them. To build Base Items, players will need to add a Workshop room to their Base, and ensure they have one or more appropriate worktables.

The Workshop allows players to turn their Salvage into usable components, which can them be combined to create new items for their Base.

Different types of Salvage are found by defeating different types of enemies. Salvage can be traded between players or stored in special bins that can be housed in a Super Group's Base.

Players have a large inventory for Salvage, and are able to hold 20 pieces of each item, or 99 pieces of each component.