Influence and Infamy

Influence and Infamy

influence.jpgAnother type of Reward players will receive as a reward for their efforts to protect or terrorize the city is Influence (or Infamy if they are playing a villain).

The more a player accomplishes, the more sway he has with various people they will encounter during their adventures, including improved relations with vendors.

With enough Influence or Infamy, a player is able to purchase Enhancements, Inspirations, or even to change some, or all, of his costume.

Influence/Infamy can also be used to purchase items from Wentworth's (Paragon Cities auction house) or the Black Market (The Rogue Isles auction house).

Players can also use their Influence/Infamy, combined with Invention Salvage, to create new Inventions, which can either be kept for personal use, or traded at the auction house, earning them even more Influence/Infamy!