Know Your Adversary Overview

Know Your Adversary Overview


Paragon City is a beautiful but dangerous place to live. And the Rogue Isles are just as treacherous.

Gangs litter the streets, evil lurks behind every corner, and even the most powerful hero can find himself unprepared for a sudden ambush from an unknown assailant.

Knowledge is power in the streets, and knowing your adversaries is the kind of knowledge ever hero needs. Where do they call home? What are their strengths, and more importantly, what are their weaknesses? What tactics and weapons do they favor?

These are all important things to consider before raiding a warehouse infested with Clockwork or descending into a dark cave crawling with Snakes.

So learn all you can about what threats face you as you patrol or terrorize the city. If you don't, you can expect to make frequent use of the Emergency Teleportation Network.