The sickening snick, snick, snick of a sharpening blade, the slick wet sounds of blood, and the heartrending cries of innocent victims can often be heard drifting from the back alleys, sewers, and darkened parks of Paragon City as the Vahzilok go about their deranged work.

Guided by the depraved Dr. Vahzilok, this villainous group defiles the very laws of nature with their never ceasing desire for human flesh.


The foot soldiers of this fetid force are the Cadavers, zombie-like animated flesh made from stitched together human corpses and robotic parts.

Built from the remains of fallen heroes, the unthinking Abominations are much stronger and more resilient than the Cadavers.


These mindless minions act as dispensable guards for Dr. Vahzilok’s many research laboratories and hideouts.

Certainly, few things are more chilling than coming face to face with stumbling zombies vomiting toxic bile — deadly modern day revenants that have no soul, no mind, no goal other than to kill and kill yet again.


Wielding blood stained bone saws and rusty crossbows, Reapers and Mortificators are the only truly living of Vahzilok’s minions, willing assistants trained in the surgical arts of amputation and organ removal.

Seeking raw materials for Dr. Vahzilok’s experiments, these savage mortals can be found wherever there might be bodies to scavenge.


The pinnacle of Dr. Vahzilok’s retinue is the Eidolon, an animated corpse that has been “perfected” according to the mad doctor.

Given only the prime hero body parts and best medical treatments, these creatures are much more than simple zombies.

Walking the line between living and dead, not all of these powerful beings are fully “resurrected”. In fact, for some, becoming an Eidolon was a voluntary decision.

So close in appearance to the living, Eidolons are sometimes able to pass as human. However, made up of multiple body parts, these creatures are ever changing amalgams, devoid of any hint of their original identity.

While these are the most evolved of Vahzilok’s creatures, often gaining minor super powers from their hero components, Eidolons require intensive upkeep including regular replacements for their constantly decaying skin and organs.

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