Rogue Island Police

Rogue Island Police


Often found guarding banks, expensive homes, and private clubs, the Rogue Island Police are a vast network of security forces that patrol the isles.

Police Chief Kyle “Cal” Calhoun is well known among the elite of the Rogue Isles. Rogue Island Police 02

A blustery, corpulent man who is welcome at the finest parties and swankiest restaurants, Calhoun rubs shoulders with those closest to Lord Recluse and has been accused of running his organization as Recluse’s personal dragoon.

Rogue Island Police 03

Indeed, tales of abuse, evidence planting, and general corruption surround the RIP as they enforce a somewhat unique interpretation of the “law” across Arachnos territory.

Word on the street is that the RIP gather their recruits from dirty ex-cops of Paragon, soldiers gone bad, and paramilitary buffs with something to prove.

Seen as on the take and power hungry, few citizens believe that they are there to protect and serve.

Although rumors of their malfeasance have surfaced many times, those who complain have always retracted their accusations against Calhoun and his officers.

Rogue Island Police 04

Even if they do only look after the interests of the highest bidder, their tactics of fear, intimidation, and violence inadvertently prevent crime from getting out of control on the Rogue Isles.

Whether on the take or not, the RIP can be a dangerous foe to anyone that might interfere with that which they are well paid to protect.