Mission Architect

From the personal memoirs of Dr. Thaddeus Aeon AQSA

Monday, Febuary 2, 2009

I've recently come to the conclusion that keeping a record of my thoughts is an important act. It will make certain that my brilliance is properly preserved for future generations. I can think of no better topic to begin this record with than my recent breakthrough in the area of alternate reality entertainment creation.

Architect, the company I'm using Crey money to fund, will bring the future of entertainment into the hands of the people. Every citizen of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles will be presented with the opportunity to create their very own pockets of theoretical existence for others to experience first hand.

I always knew that allowing Countess Crey access to my Power Transference System in return for future considerations would pay off, but even I couldn't have predicted how well. To be fair, I could have if I'd tried but I didn't so I couldn't. That foolish woman has provided incredibly valuable materials and manpower to get Architect off the ground.

I can't deny that I had personal motivations in creating the core systems behind the Architect experience. I won't bore you with all the details, just some of them.

For example this technology will allow me to get revenge on the Television for forcing me to write that blasted scientific report encouraging everyone in the Rogue Isles to watch more of the insipid drivel being broadcast these days.

All right not Mako's Creek, that show is genius … but everything else. That's not the point though … the point is this will be *bigger* than Television!

Another motivation for me was to create something to follow up the commercial success of NutriPaste. It's unbelievable how quickly corporate sponsors start uttering the question "what have you done for me lately?"

I would have to say my greatest inspiration in this process was finding a way to deal with that pesky Professor Echo problem once and for all. I have high hopes that monitoring the creations coming out of Architect will provide some much needed perspective on that anomalous individual.

Now, the information you've all been waiting for … how does it work?

The user experience is designed to be smooth and easy to learn. Any one of the Architect locations opening up in Paragon and the Isles will have computer interface terminals to access.

Once connected the user chooses what kind of experience they would like to create complete with options for antagonist, location, difficulty and the like. They can even put words into the mouths of their creations. For example, Marshal Brass might say something like: "You've been right all along doctor; you're far smarter than I am and I really should listen to you more often before making my reports to Lord Recluse calling you a madman."

At any rate, each choice made by the creator moves a progression bar closer to completion. When their pocket of fun is finished they can push the nice green candy-like button and check their experience to make certain it's just how they want it.

After testing their content by smoothly moving back and forth between the creation interface and the creation itself the user can move to the Architect Browser and publish their masterpiece. Other users can then find the published product and play their heart-stopping, humorous, or dastardly adventure. Excitement for the whole family! Rated T for Teen! (That last bit was the Countess' idea.)

As I bring this inaugural entry of my memoirs to a close I feel it important to note that I'm quite confident there will be a great deal of clever output from those who use my entertainment generation system.

It's likely there will even be beneficial and humanitarian results. The fact that the whole thing is a scheme to benefit me and further my needs and goals should not be counted against me by posterity.

*The Arachnos Quantum Structure Association is a society for the advancement of structures based on quantum mechanics in its physical, mathematical, philosophical, and applied aspects. (Founded by me, of course)

After careful examination of the Architect systems I'm ready to agree with one thing being said by the company's PR department. This technology has the potential to do a great deal of good for Paragon City and the world.

I was taken on a long tour of the facility and shown detailed documentation on the hardware and software used to provide this experience. I was allowed time with the equipment to perform as many scans as I desired and I'm confident that heroes using the Architect can rest easy. The technical data from my visit is attached to this document for reference.

The one area I'm planning to monitor closely is the intense security and internal database analysis tools built into the system. The data being compiled by the Architect could certainly be used for ill intent, but that could be said about most technological breakthroughs.

At this time I feel the benefits far outweigh the risks and I look forward to seeing the results. The heroes of Paragon City have never failed to impress me and I'm certain the result will be no different this time.