Multiple Builds

Dr. Raymond Keyes

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Worksheet: Data Analysis - Positron Suit Model 3.0 (Scientific Lab Report)

Title of Experiment: Respecification of Positron radiation containment and allocation suit to allow for Multiple Builds.

Time: 9:18 A.M. EST

Materials: Positron Suit Model 3.0, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner, Electron-Positron Collider, Cloud Chamber, Sodium Isotope

Observations: Requiem is one of the key figures in the Council take over from the 5th Column. He is known for staying behind the scenes whenever possible. His recent activity has been overt, bordering on reckless. It seems he has become obsessed with quickly gathering the latest inventions and salvage to fortify his base against some unknown threat. My contacts inform me that his recent activity is likely to culminate tonight in the theft of a formula that will allow him to create an impenetrable alloy to bolster the walls of his headquarters. I don't know what he's preparing for but he is definitely getting ready to hunker down.

My Freedom Phalanx colleagues are all occupied with other business and so I must prepare myself to face Requiem alone. However, with the continuing Arachnos threat poised to strike at Paragon City I also need to be prepared to team up with the rest of the Phalanx and my other allies on short notice.

It is clear that by creating multiple power arrays within my suit, here to forward called Multiple Builds, I will be able to more effectively deal with these changing threats.

Question: Will this respecification be sufficient to take down Requiem with no back up and allow more versatility as I switch between it and my normal power build?

Hypothesis: By increasing the number of single target abilities available and reducing ally buffs and area of effect powers I should be able to more effectively channel my inherent radiation powers to defeat one enemy, in this case Requiem.

Design Procedures: Adapting the sensor array from an Electron-Positron Collider I was able to utilize a modified Cloud Chamber to determine accurate measurements of the energy output of each of my abilities. Using a PET scanner I was also able to test and document the changing radiation build up and residue in my body when using focused and diffused powers. This will help determine energy use and endurance drain.

It occurred to me that it might be possible to modify Positron annihilation spectroscopy testing to gather more data by testing the effects of various powers on fixed objects but I ran short of time. Further research in this area should be picked up at a later date.

After consulting with one of my contacts at DATA on the results I went to speak with Valkyrie about the situation and with her help chose the following course of action. I removed the Mutation and Fallout powers from my newly created Solo array and replaced them with Proton Volley and Aim in order to perform a potent alpha strike as combat begins. I also altered the slot containing Irradiate to accommodate Cosmic Burst since I can't rely on a teammate when my opponent moves to close range.

Data Collection/Experimentation: After altering my standard array I left Valkyrie to her business and made my way to the facility where the formula for this new super-alloy had recently been perfected. Watching from the rooftop I could hardly believe that my information sources had been correct. Requiem had come alone. The word on the street was that he was keeping things from his Council minions for reasons unknown.

I hovered above the rooftop and gave Requiem a verbal warning to surrender peacefully or face the consequences. His harsh laugh in response contained an edge of hysteria. He informed me that whatever consequences he was already facing were of far greater concern than any threat I could possibly bring to bear. While he spoke he was able to briefly Mesmerize me using the power of his sinister mind, dropping me out of the air. He used my momentary distraction to make his way inside.

After shaking off the effects of his mental attack I began my offensive with a powerful ranged volley that left Requiem wounded and vulnerable to further attacks. I was only able to get two shots off before he was able to engage me in melee.

His flaming aura and shadowy punches were taking their toll until I was able to successfully use the second part of my new build to knock him away from me and leave him disoriented long enough to gain some altitude. I took the opportunity to fire off an inspiration, providing temporary resistance to his hypnotic powers.

At range and with a brief escape from his mental attacks I was able to turn the tide in my favor. My blasts began to take a heavy toll and maximize his vulnerability. I could see that he was preparing to utilize his mastery over flame to heal. I swooped in and pulled out all the stops on an overcharged Atomic Blast following it up with another volley of intense radiation to put him out for the count.

Data Analysis and Interpretation: There's no arguing with these results!

Conclusion: The original hypothesis was held up completely. Being able to alter my standard power array allowed me to effectively deal with Requiem while still being prepared if the Freedom Phalanx needed my support skills.

Re-Evaluate and Modify Hypothesis: Unnecessary in this case but my interactions with Requiem have opened up a new area of investigation. I need to determine what was causing him to display such agitation and forego the assistance of the Council in this matter.