The Player Help System and You!

The Player Help System and You!

Positron Helper

Issue 20 has launched and we've certainly spent a lot of time talking about some of the exciting new features such as the Incarnate Trials, Incarnate Powers and the new Strike/Task Forces. One new feature that we haven't spent much time talking about is the all new Player Help System. Because so many of us play CoH for the amazing Community, we wanted to introduce a feature that showcases the most helpful and friendly bunch of gamers you'll find this side of Paragon City (or the Rogue Isles if you prefer ;)).

To paraphrase the Issue 20 patch notes, the first time you log in on a new character (or an existing character for the first time following the launch of Issue 20) you'll be prompted with a new pop up box. Now at this point you'll be tempted to click as fast you can to make it go away but please, resist that urge, we promise it's worth it! In this popup menu, you're given the option to participate in the Player Help System (hereafter referred to as the PHS) as either a Helper by choosing the "Helper" option or as someone who could use guidance (in game, silly) by selecting the "Help Me!" option. There is also the option to choose "Neither" if you don't wish to participate in the PHS (that's fine, we're keeping all of the cookies to ourselves).

Players who have chosen the path of a "Helper" will find that their name has been changed to a golden color, as they are treasured members of our community who are giving selflessly of their time (laying it on a bit thick, aren't we?). As a Helper, you'll also be granted the corresponding title of "Helper" should you choose this option, unless you have a temporary title, in which case your temporary title will override the "Helper" title.

But where can players go for help? Well, the Help Channel has been added to default list of chat channels that are displayed in the Global chat tab. By default, the Help Tab has also been colored orange and is denoted by a question mark (?) to make it easier for new players to find. Also, we've now made it so that typing "/h", "/help" or "/guide" will direct your chat to the Help Channel. To open the actual Help Window, players can type "/helpwindow" or simply press "H" when not in chat mode.

Thanks to our veteran Community for continuing to be helpful, friendly and just a little wacky. And if you're a new player experiencing City of Heroes for the first time, welcome! Be sure to utilize the Player Help System to make your entry to Paragon City, the Rogue Isles or Praetoria as smooth as possible!