Movement Powers

Movement Powers

Sprint (toggle from Power bar): Sprint is an inherent power possessed by all.

sprint.jpgWhen engaged, it significantly increases running speed, although it does drain Endurance—bear this in mind when in the midst of combat, as it could adversely affect your Endurance pool during a critical battle.

Sprint speed is sufficient to outdistance most enemies, although they might get a successful shot off in passing. Make sure you have enough Hit Points left to absorb any parting shots before trying to sprint out of combat.

In addition to Sprint, there are four powers that significantly increase the rate at which your villain moves around the city. Although it's not mandatory, you should have one selected as the first Pool Power. Otherwise, it'll be virtually impossible to keep up with other players.

flight.jpgThe movement-related power groups are:

  • Flight: This allows you to fly the not-so-friendly skies. For obvious reasons, this is a very popular power, not the least of which is the ability to make a beeline for your destination.
  • Leaping: This grants you the ability to jump incredibly long distances, covering hundreds of yards in a single, town-crossing, bound. Though it isn't entirely precise, it is a fun travel power.
  • Superspeed: Sprinting is one thing, but Superspeed is an entirely different animal. Even at low levels, this enables you to cruise across the ground at speeds that would make Formula 1 drivers blush.
  • Teleportation: When you need to get somewhere now, nothing beats teleporting. This power lets you cover vast distances without actually traversing the area in between.

To quickly obtain these powers, select a movement power group by Level 12 at the latest. After you have a movement power group, you can select an accelerated movement power at Level 14.