Basics of Movement

Basics of Movement

Your character's movement is controlled from the keyboard. The default movement keys are grouped on the far right side of the keyboard as follows.

Turn Left Forward Turn Right
Strafe Left Backwards Strafe Right

To “Strafe” means to side-step left or right without changing facing.

You can remap the movement keys using the Keymapping screen under the Options Menu. For example, you might map the arrow keys to Forward W, Backward Z, Turn Right S, and Turn Left A.

In addition to the basic movement controls, you also have access to several other options:

Jumping [spacebar]: All heroes and villains are capable of an exceptionally powerful vertical leap, which is very useful in bypassing obstacles and reaching higher elevations.

Follow [F]: Allows you to click on a fellow hero or villain and pursue him wherever he goes (assuming you can keep up with him, which can become an issue during the game's later levels).

Info: From the right-click menu, you can access the Info function. In many cases, this provides you with specific weaknesses on the mob you are targeting—use it to your advantage!

Falling:: All Heroes and Villains can survive jumps from a great height. If you fall from a significant elevation, you may take falling damage, but you won't die (you will always have at least one Hit Point after a fall).

Auto-Run [R]: This toggle allows you to run long distances without having to hold down the Forward key. When Auto-Run is engaged, you begin to run forward in the direction you are facing and continue until you use Auto-Run (again) or until you use Backward (if you reach an obstacle during Auto-Run, you just run in place).

During Auto-Run, adjust your direction with the left and right turning keys. You may use Auto-Run in conjunction with Sprint, Fly, or Superspeed. Overall, this makes long-distance travel much easier. Auto-Run also activates Auto-Swim when you are in water.

Sprint (toggle from Power bar): Sprint is an inherent power possessed by all. When engaged, it significantly increases running speed, although it does drain Endurance—bear this in mind when in the midst of combat, as it could adversely affect your Endurance pool during a critical battle.

Sprint speed is sufficient to outdistance most enemies, although they might get a successful shot off in passing. Make sure you have enough Hit Points left to absorb any parting shots before trying to sprint out of combat.

controls.jpg Click to move: From the Controls menu in Options, you can activate Click-To-Move (see Mapping Controls sidebar). This allows you to maneuver a character using the mouse instead of the keyboard.

Just click where you want a character to go, and it automatically runs to that point. The range is about 100 yards. The destination is temporarily marked with a symbol on the ground or on nearby terrain features.

If you prefer to use a joystick to control movement, you can also select that option from the Control menu.

Mouse look: You may use the mouse to change your point of view. Right-click and hold, then move the mouse right, left, up, or down to change the direction the villain is facing.

You can also use the mouse wheel to change your character's point of view to a detached third person view. The default "Mouse Look" function can be inverted via the Control menu.