Interacting with the Environment

Interacting with the Environment

To interact with NPCs, items, and various objects scattered throughout the game world, simply place the mouse cursor over the item in question and double-click.

The cursor changes to a blue hand when you encounter an item you can interact with; any NPCs that you can speak to will turn the cursor blue. Enemies will turn the cursor red.

Always pass the cursor over everything in a scene to make sure you're finding everything of value. Sometimes you can interact with objects that have no direct bearing on a job but that grant you an edge of some sort.

To aid in identifying the various types of NPCs you’ll happen across during your life of crime, each one will be color-coded by a ring. What each one means:

  • Yellow: anything that provides missions — Contacts, Brokers, Event Contacts, Aura and Cape contacts all fall into this category.
  • Green: Trainers.
  • Blue: anywhere you can spend Infamy outside of Contacts. This includes: Stores, Tailors and Notoriety Contacts.
  • Purple: the odd things. Super Group registrar, Delivery targets, etc.

Also, depending on the situation, you can right-click on fellow villains and select from a whole slew of optional commands.