Getting Started Overview

Getting Started Overview

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When you have finished creating your character, you're ready to begin adventuring in Paragon City, or the Rogue Isles, depending on whether you have created a Hero or a Villain.

We recommend you start with the tutorial provided in the game. Not only will this show you the basics of movement, navigation, combat and dealing with non-player characters (NPCs), but when you complete the tutorial you will have enough experience to progress to Security Level 2.

Even experienced players benefit from repeating the tutorial with each new character, since it is fairly short, allows you to try your new super powers on for size, and it's an easy way to level-up.

Once you complete the tutorial, you are ready to go and meet your first contact and begin your Heroic or Villainous career. You can either patrol the streets looking for the criminal element, or go ahead and tackle your first mission. It's up to you.

But before you do, be sure to browse through the rest of our getting started guide. It will go over some of the items covered in the tutorial, but also gives more detailed information, such as how to map your controls, use your powers, and ways to explore different play styles and combat options.