Mappable Commands

Mappable Commands

The following commands can be set from your keyboard. You can map each command to up to two different keys, either replacing the pre-existing default key, or keeping the default but adding a second key.

keybind.jpgTo remap your keyboard commands, click on Menu, then Options, then Keymapping. Click on the slot you wish to re-map (either the default, or the open slot) and press the key you wish to map to that command.

When you are finished, click on Apply Changes and Return to Game at the bottom of the Controls screen.

Only single-key commands are permitted, a command may not be mapped to a combination of keys, i.e., you can map a command to Alt or to C, but not to Alt+C.


  • Forward: W
  • Backward: S
  • Strafe Left: A
  • Strafe Right: D
  • Turn Left: Q
  • Turn Right: E
  • Jump: Space
  • Down (Flight Only): X
  • Follow: F
  • Auto Run: R


  • On Demand Mouse Look: Right Mouse Button
  • Toggle Mouse Look: (no default)
  • Toggle Third Person View: B
  • Rotate Camera Page Up and Down: Scroll Middle Mouse Button


  • Reply: Backspace
  • Quick Chat: Apostrophe
  • Tell: Comma


  • Cycle Target Enemy: Tab
  • Disable UI: (no default)
  • Screenshot: Print Screen

Control Sensitivity

  • Mouse Look: This slider can be set from 50% to 200%, and defaults to 100%
  • Turning: This Slider can be set from 100% to 1000%, and defaults to 300%