The Gold Brickers

The Gold Brickers


The awe inspiring beauty of Aeon City is renowned across the Rogue Isles. Yet a glimpse into the shadows cast by Aeon’s gleaming white towers reveals a dangerous nexus of chaos lurking in the darkest nooks of this seemingly safe, clean city.

Harnessing this thinly veiled chaos, the shadowy King Midas and his notorious gang of thieves, the Gold Brickers, maintain a firm grip on the urban crime of Aeon City and nearby Haven.

Monitoring the city from the highest rooftops, the Gold Brickers are no common street criminals.  These high-tech thieves rely on unparalleled technological equipment and brazen aggression to target only the wealthiest of Aeon City.

Able to make quick escapes with their jetpacks, the Gold Brickers have taken the heist to new levels of profitability, fulfilling rumors that any caper coordinated by King Midas does indeed turn to gold.

Gold Bricker Screenshot

With their flamboyant finery and advanced equipment, the boastful Gold Brickers maintain a smug sense of superiority over the street thugs of Cap au Diable.

After their bold break-in to the city bank’s central vault in 1991, Dr. Aeon swore to bring King Midas and his band of thieves to justice.

The governor of Aeon City relentlessly seeks the true identity of King Midas so that he might rid his city of the Gold Brickers and their flagrant disregard for all he has worked so hard to accomplish.

Gold Bricker Screenshot

Despite the ubiquity of the Gold Brickers along the city’s skyline, even Arachnos does not know the true extent of their technological capabilities.

A force to be reckoned with, Midas and his Gold Brickers walk the fine line between helping Arachnos keep the thugs of Cap au Diable in line and threatening Arachnos with their technological mastery.

Unable to determine the origins of their mind-boggling weaponry, Arachnos generally tolerates their existence while also covertly preventing them from expanding their sphere of influence.

In order to contain King Midas and perhaps learn his secrets, agents of Lord Recluse monitor Gold Bricker activities, only intervening when they directly or indirectly threaten the supremacy of Arachnos.