Where there is smoke, there is always fire, at least as far as a Hellion is concerned. The Hellions are a relatively new gang on the streets of Paragon City, whose ranks have swollen recently to tremendous levels.

Their arsonist tendencies threaten to burn the city down, leaving them only rubble and ash in which to wallow — some say that’s exactly what the Hellions would want.


The Hellions biggest chapters reside in Atlas Park, Galaxy City, and Perez Park. Atlas and Galaxy swarm with them, checked primarily by the influx of new heroes.

In Perez Park, the Hellions’ wildfire-like expansion has been blockaded by the Skulls — the two fight a vicious gang war for every inch of the park unclaimed by more dangerous foes.


The gang’s colors tend towards red and orange, and their trappings include demonic symbols.

Most members have devils, demons, or pentagrams tattooed somewhere on their body, along with the term “Blood Brothers,” for that is what all members are called once they have passed their initiation.

Indoctrination to the gang first involves an act of violence (spilling another’s blood), and then a ritual scarring where a recruit ceremonially cuts himself. This is said to unleash a Hellion’s inner potential and to demonstrate his mastery over pain and flesh.

As members rise in the ranks, they are exposed to a quasi-religious dogma, where power is achieved through crimes, or acts of sin. In the Hellions’ worldview, fear, greed, lust, and anger are powers to be tapped into.

They openly claim to “worship the devil,” and brandish Satanic images like a blunt hammer, but few realize that their leaders are deadly serious in their beliefs.


Members fight for power amongst themselves, to establish their status in the gang’s hierarchy. The lower rungs of the Hellions’ leadership is ever changing, as more ambitious climbers struggle to prove their ability.

Two recent Hellions who have made their reputations are the mutant mercenary 3K Kelvin, and the self-styled “Duke” Mordrogar. These boss-figures, and others like them, strive to expand the gang’s influence.

The nature of the dark forces that empower the Hellions is debatable, but Paragon Police and agents of MAGI have documented many reports of gang members gaining supernatural abilities.

More worrisome, perhaps, is the testimony of friends and families who describe members as having become twisted by their initiation into the gang. Members maintain a strict code of secrecy and solidarity, even under police interrogation, and the gang leaders – the Fallen and the Damned – take their secrets to the grave.

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