The Council

The Council

The shadowy brain trust known as the Council has become a major player in Paragon City only recently, but their roots stretch back through more than six decades of trickery, intrigue, and lies.

After their recent coup, the Council is ready to take Paragon City by storm, starting from their base on Striga Isle.


This island off the coast of Paragon City has never been the most savory of environments, but with the addition of the Council, Striga’s gotten a lot worse.

The Warriors and the Family are still in nominal control of portions of the island, but a vast chunk of it is dedicated to the biggest and most well defended villain base the heroes of Paragon have ever seen. The base is built around a massive volcano on the easternmost edge of the island.

Rumors indicate that the smoking volcano may in fact be dormant, and that fantastic experiments may be going on inside.


In addition to their large holdings on Striga Isle, the Council has another ace up its sleeve: their alliance with the Nictus.

These evil aliens have been partnered with the Council since its formative years in the aftermath of World War II. Two of the group’s most feared leaders are humans fused with Nictus energy beings: Requiem and Arakhn.

Though Requiem is known to be a somewhat bitter servant of the Council, Arakhn, by all appearances, is a loyal soldier.

Her experimentation with the use of Nictus fragments has resulted in many new warriors within the Council’s ranks—including the Galaxy troops, whose dark energy attacks are deadly.


At the heart of the Council is the Center, a man whose powers are shrouded in mystery. Some rumors indicate that the Center has powerful psychic abilities, while others suggest he is nothing more than a ruthless and brilliant strategist.

One thing is certain: he has built his Council into a threat that can only be torn apart by the bravest inhabitants of the City of Heroes.