Predisposed to distrust technology of any kind, the futuristic technological advances brought to Cap au Diable by Dr. Aeon have sent the Luddites into a frenzy.

Originally a ragtag band of unorganized activists, the Luddites have coalesced around a cause, prompted by the construction of Dr. Aeon’s Power Transfer System.

Convinced that all advanced technologies are dangerous, the superstitious Luddites make the wild claim that the PTS actually draws its energy from a demon entombed in Mount Diable!

Luddite Screenshot

The leader of the Luddites is an eccentric and charismatic man named Martin Henri.

Once a low level programmer for Aeon Corp, Henri quit when he suddenly began having vivid dreams about the evils of modern technology, tormented by thoughts of Dr. Aeon in league with demons and monsters.

Henri’s nights are also haunted by spectral images of a familiar old man, encouraging him to become the leader of the Luddites, telling him that he is destined to destroy the PTS before it can unleash ruin upon the island.

These intense nightmares have caused him to manifest minor superpowers based on his impassioned charisma, helping him recruit followers and allowing him to imbue them with a healing purity of spirit.

Luddite Screenshot

Unfortunately his dreams have also driven him mad, and Henri now spends his time babbling entrancing but disjointed sermons to his growing number of followers.

Some of these supporters are former IT workers who have grown to hate Dr. Aeon. Others are street thugs and vagrants longing for a cause to believe in.

Luddite Screenshot

Without a formal base of operations, Henri’s followers can be found wandering the streets, alleyways and forests of Cap au Diable.

Able to blend in with the homeless population, the Luddites use their anonymity to further their anti-technology agenda.

Whether openly protesting and passing out fliers to raise awareness, secretly destroying parts of the PTS in darkened alleyways, wandering Vagabond Hills listening to an inspirational speech by a Luddite friar, or even attacking those who interfere with their plans, the Luddites endlessly struggle to bring down Dr. Aeon.

Desperately hoping to protect the innocent citizens of the Rogue Isles, Henri and the Luddites will stop at nothing to destroy the PTS, even if that means resorting to violence against those who aid Aeon and his benefactor, Arachnos.