Your First Day as a Hero

Your First Day as a Hero


When you have finished creating your character, you may begin adventuring in Paragon City.

We strongly recommend you start with the tutorial provided in the game.

Not only will this show you the basics of movement, navigation, combat and dealing with non-player characters (NPCs), but when you complete the tutorial you will have enough experience to progress to second level.

Remember, in the tutorial don’t just rely on the text messages from NPCs; you must also pay attention to the reminders automatically placed on your map and the other informational screens.

Statesman's Tip: We recommend you do the tutorial every time you start a new character, even if you’re already an experienced player. It doesn’t take long, and it’s a good way to pick up your first level of experience. Additionally, if you defeat 100 Contaminated thugs, you will earn the Isolator badge, which is ONLY available in Outbreak.

When you complete the tutorial, you will be asked if you prefer to start the game in Atlas Park, or in Galaxy City. Both zones are equally well suited to beginning players.

Once you’ve selected your starting zone, you’ll be dropped near one of the city’s respected newbie trainers, either Ms. Liberty in Atlas Park, or the Back Alley Brawler in Galaxy City.

Report to your trainer to get your training for Llevel 2, which will include the selection of one additional power. Your trainer will also give you the name of your first contact (the identity of your first contact is determined by your Origin and by which zone you chose to begin in).

Now you should go and meet your contact. You will find him or her inside the building near the trainer (the Paragon City Hall in Atlas Park, or the Freedom Corps building in Galaxy City). Your contact will offer you a choice of missions to begin your adventuring career.

Now you are ready to begin active crime fighting. You can either patrol the streets looking for the criminal element, or go ahead and tackle your first mission. It’s up to you.

Pay attention to your map, which will reveal more and more of the zone as you explore. Be cautious about crossing the yellow or red lines on your map, as these mark off more dangerous areas of the zone.

Statesman's Tip: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. The number of enemies you can take on at one time depends on your Archetype and power choices, but beware of large groups of foes. Look for white or blue enemies to engage, be careful about taking on yellows, and avoid orange or higher. You do have one thing going for you, though; for your first ten levels, you don’t accrue any XP debt if you’re defeated, you’re just taken to the hospital and healed.