Supergroup Sites

Supergroup Sites

Looking for a super-powered team to join? Want to show off your Super Group? This is the place to start.


Angry Angels

Arachnos Elite

Callous Crew (Villains) and Dark Novas (Heroes) (Union Server)

Children of DATA

City of Gaymers (LGBT Friendly - Victory Server)

The Cult of the Pierced Heart

Dark Novas (Heroes) and Callous Crew (Villains) (Union Server)

The Dauntless Reverie/Anathema

The Department of InterDimensional Defense

The Dragon Fangs and Syndicate of Twilight (Justice Server)

Entropy Legion


The Ethereals (Virtue Server)


Fallen Legion

Girls of Nukem High

Global Defense Force



Just Heroes (Exalted Server)

Justice Corps (Virtue Server)

Justice Force (Champion Server)

The League of Extraordinary Superheroes

Legends of Justice (Justice Server)

Legion of Valor

Major Deej Universe Hero Supergroups (Multiple Servers)

Major Deej Universe Villain Groups (Multiple Servers)

Nemesess of DATA (Infinity Server)

The Outcasts

Pain Train

Paragon's Super Friends

Paragonian Knights (Virtue Server)

The Paragons of Justice

Phantoms of War

Pillars of Might (Champion Server)

Project Paragon (Freedom Server)

Realm of Eternal Midnight

The Redeemers (Victory Server)


Regents of Evil (R.O.E.)

Reign of Terror

Repeat Offenders Network (Multiple Servers)

Rigor Mortis Fortress

Rogue Island Asylum Orchestra

The Royal Guardians Supergroup

S.C.O.R.P.I.O. (Virtue Server)

Seekers of Intrinity

The Seventh Sanctum

The Sexy Sisterhood

Shadowpawns of Paragon City

Shadow Raiders


Sideshow Freaks

Sinister Professionals in Terror (S.P.i.T.)

Sins of Omega

The SOLUS Foundation

Sovereign (Freedom Server)

Star Patrol (Justice Server)

The Syndicate of Twilight and the Dragon Fangs (Justice Server)

Wolfcry Division (Virtue Server)

The Young Phalanx

Zero Tolerance

If you would like for your Supergroup Site to be included in this list, or if you would like to update the list with a new location for your site, please contact the Paragon Studios Community team at: