Contacts: Steel Canyon

Contacts: Steel Canyon

Alfonse Rubel


Occupation: Courier
Location: Bronze Way
Villain Groups: Outcasts, The Lost, Skulls

Being a courier in Paragon City requires more than a little bravery.

With so much chaos and adventure in the streets, any job that keeps you on the move is bound to be eventful at the very least. Alfonse Rubel relishes these adventures, and he loves his work. He knows the ins and ours of most of the city streets, and he has friends and contacts everywhere.

As a result, he's always hearing important tips and tidbits that he happily passes on to the city's heroes.

Athena Currie


Occupation: Lawyer
Location: Bronze Way
Villain Groups: Clockwork, Outcasts

Athena Currie is a young, driven attorney who devotes her time to providing low-cost legal aid to the poor.

She's only been out of law school for a few years, but already she's earned herself quite a reputation. Most recently, she won a major lawsuit against a housing company that provided low income housing that failed to meet even the most basic safety standards.

These days she's particularly active in anti-gang youth work, helping people extricate themselves from street gangs and remain legally protected in the process. Not surprisingly, this has made her some dangerous enemies.

Fortunately, their personable young lawyer has a number of super-powered friends who're happy to lend her a helping hand when she needs it.

Colleen Saramago


Occupation: Hero Corps Rep
Location: Steel Canyon Medical Center
Villain Groups: Clockwork, Trolls, Vahzilok

Hero Corps is a corporations that brokers work for qualified heroes and helps governments around the world deal with super-powered problems.

Colleen Saramago is a young, inexperienced Hero Corps liaison, but she's already established a successful client list. Her current task is combating two of the city's insidious threats: the Clockwork and the Trolls.

She's well aware that every time she gives a hero an assignment she's putting a life on the line, so she goes the extra mile to give her heroes all the support she can.

Dr. Trevor Seaborn


Occupation: Psychiatrist
Location: Steel Canyon Medical Center
Villain Groups: Circle of Thorns, Hellions, Skulls

Dr. Trevor Seaborn is one of Paragon City's many doctors to specialize in abnormal psychiatry.

With such a large population of criminals with severe pathologies, there is always work to be done. Dr. Seaborn focuses his research on trying to understand the criminal mind, and he often works with police to create profiles of wanted criminals.

He also has a good working relationship with many of the city's heroes, offering them advice about how to better confront the insane villains who threaten Paragon City every day.

Fareed Abdullah


Occupation: Technology Analyst
Location: Bronze Way
Villain Groups: Clockwork, The Lost

Fareed Abdullah is an independent technology analyst. Companies call him in to evaluate new technologies and help them make the right decisions.

In order to do the best job possible, Fareed keeps himself constantly apprised of the latest developments in technology. In Paragon City, that means trying to keep up with what the bad guys are doing and what the heroes are doing in response. Fareed has analyzed hundreds of pieces of criminal equipment and advised nearly as many heroes on the technology that can serve them best.

He's very well connected and popular in the science community, and he's always looking for new heroes to work with.

Guy Denson


Occupation: Courier
Location: Platinum Lake
Villain Groups: The Lost, Clockwork

Guy Denson knows how to get around the city, fast.

This is an important skill in a place that serves as a stage for conflicts between costumed heroes and vast criminal conspiracies. It's no wonder traffic is so bad. Guy Denson knows how to cut through the tangles and troubles and deliver a package safely and on time.

One of Guy's secrets is the network of couriers and clients he has developed, all of whom keep him abreast of the latest happenings on the streets of Paragon City. He also has numerous friends and clients who are heroes.

He likes to pass on whatever he knows to helpful heroes, especially when it's information about the Clockwork.

Hugo Redding


Occupation: Physician's Assistant
Location: Gimry Ridge
Villain Groups: Circle of Thorns, Hellions, Skulls

Hugo Redding is a dedicated physician´s assistant who specializes in helping heroes.

With the new teleportation systems and regenerative medicine advances, even the most damaged heroes seldom need a full-fledged doctor, a trained PA can handle most of their needs. One of Hugo´s duties is to monitor emergency calls and prepare the teleportation systems, and this gives him valuable insight into the various criminal deeds going on into the city.

Whenever he can, he likes to help heroes out, pointing them in the direction of crises and potential points of interest.

Kyle Peck


Occupation: EPA Investigator
Location: Bronze Way
Villain Groups: Outcasts, Skulls, Vahzilok

Kyle Peck is a die-hard environmentalist who realized he could do more good working from the inside than through protest.

He's a huge proponent of alternate fuel sources and of any new technology that might change the world for the better. Kyle keeps a careful eye out for any kind of technology that he thinks might prove harmful to the environment. In his experience, the most dangerous technology is in the hands of criminals.

The EPA is not equipped to handle those kinds of threats, so he is happy to pass on information to the city's heroes.

Olivia Chung


Occupation: Publisher
Location: Silver Lake
Villain Groups: Circle of Thorns, Hellions, Outcasts, Tsoo, Vahzilok

Olivia Chung was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States with her family when she was ten years old.

Ever since, she has lived a life carefully balanced between two cultures, embracing American ways while retaining her Chinese roots. An accomplished entrepreneur and author of several books, it was a natural step for her to start publishing a weekly paper aimed at Asian-Americans and immigrants living in Paragon City.

Called the Asian Paragon, this paper is a valuable resource to tens of thousands of readers each week. Publishing the paper has put Olivia in touch with all the strata of the immigrant community in Paragon City.

She is especially troubled by the growing power of the Vahzilok, and she's always eager to help police and heroes by telling them whatever she hears through her web of contacts.

Tom Bowden


Occupation: NSA Field Agent
Location: Blyde Square
Villain Groups: Clockwork, The Lost

Agent Tom Bowden recently joined the NSA, after serving as a cryptographer for the Air Force.

He specializes in breaking codes, but his duties in Paragon City often involve chasing down radio and satellite intercepts. He's particularly concerned with any kind of propaganda being broadcast by criminals, as well as anything that might put the nation's communication network at risk.

For reasons still unclear even to him, he's been given the Clockwork King as his primary assignment, although he hopes to move on to bigger and badder opponents. He's quite curious about the Lost, and he often spends his free time tracking their movements.

Virginia Hoffman


Occupation: Artist
Location: Gimry Ridge
Villain Groups: Circle of Thorns, Outcasts, Trolls, Tsoo

Virginia Hoffman is an avant-garde artist whose abstract paintings and performances always elicit a flurry of mixed reviews.

She's also one of the most sought after representational sculptors in the city, as she specializes in creating statures of retiring heroes. Her work adorns many a public park, but her real passion is experimental painting and sculpture. She's in touch with both the city's cultural underground and its heroes, which puts her in a position to hear a lot she's probably not supposed to.

Luckily, she's a good-hearted soul and always passes on information about criminal activities to her hero friends.

Wes Schnabel


Occupation: Private Detective
Location: Bronze Way
Villain Groups: Clockwork, Council, Hellions, Skulls

Wes Schnabel knows better than most that being a private eye isn't much like it is in the movies.

That is, unless you work in Paragon City. With so many kidnappings and hostage takings going on in the city, there's always someone looking for a missing loved one. Wes is a recently retired cop who is just getting his practice started. He deals a lot with gang-related crimes and missing persons cases.

Wes works closely with heroes whenever he can. As a retired cop, he knows that's the best way to get things done in this city.

Willy Starbuck


Occupation: Hustler
Location: Bronze Way
Villain Groups: Council, Hellions, Skulls

Paragon City has known more than its fair share of con-men and hustlers, making Willy just one more small fish in a very big sea.

He's not so much a con-man as he is someone who's always looking to broker a deal. While he skirts the boundaries of what's legal, he seldom breaks the law. He can get you tickets to a sold out concert or deliver a prized toy on Christmas Eve. He sells information, services, and maybe, just maybe, the occasional stolen good.

But he's a good-hearted guy and no admirer of serious crime. So he's more than happy to help the city's heroes whenever they ask, especially when they're combating some of the city's more pernicious evils.

Wilson Zucco


Occupation: Former Gang Member
Location: Bronze Way
Villain Groups: The Lost, Skulls

Most old gangsters are either dead or in prison, but Wilson Zucco is one of the lucky few who survived and managed to turn his life around.

Now he works as a youth outreach administrator, teaching kids about gang awareness and sometimes acting as a liaison between law enforcement and the gangs. He's liked and admired by both sides of the law, which gives him access to an unusual mix of information.

Wilson is happy to work with heroes, especially since they can handle gangs in ways the police can't.

Wyatt Anderson


Occupation: Historian
Location: Fools Gold District
Villain Groups: Clockwork, Outcasts, Trolls, Vahzilok

Most citizens are deeply concerned with Paragon City's future, but Wyatt Anderson is more interested in its past.

His books chronicle the history of the brave men and women who have protected the city through the decades. Lately, his research has taken on a more journalistic approach, and his most recent articles deal with current events in the context of the city's rich and complex history. His expertise has also earned him a reputation as a villain profiler.

His encyclopedic knowledge of past threats often gives him a lot of insight into the current ones. He loves to work closely with heroes, and counts many among his friends.