Contacts: St. Martial

Contacts: St. Martial

Bass Croupier


Occupation: Casino Pit Boss
Location: Babylon
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Carnival of Shadows, Council, Freakshow, Longbow, Nemesis, The Family, Tsoo

Basse Croupier had a promising singing career once upon a time, until a run of bad luck hit him hard and knocked him down for the count.

A bankrupt record label, swindling managers, and several scandals ruined his career, leaving him destitute and on the street.

His luck finally turned around when Johnny "The Pipes" Sonata, the crooner most people had picked Basse to replace before his downfall, offered the down-on-his-luck singer a job at his casino in the Rogue Isles as a pit boss.

Basse's been thankful to Johnny ever since, and has become one of Sonata's most trusted men.

Hard Luck


Occupation: Casino Enforcer
Location: Babylon
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Carnival of Shadows, Circle of Thorns, Council, Freakshow, Tsoo

A few big winners are good for the casino's press, but when too many people start winning, profits take a hit.

That's when Hard Luck comes in — to hit back. Hard Luck will do whatever it takes to break the lucky streaks of people chipping away at the casino's profits. He's not afraid to get dirty, and he feels no remorse for the people he hurts.

After all, they should know that the house always wins.



Occupation: Demon Hunter
Location: Black Mariah
Enemy Groups: Carnival of Shadows, Circle of Thorns, Council, Freakshow, Longbow, Security Guards, Tsoo, Wailers

Hardcase is a professional demon hunter. Demon hunters as a general rule don't live very long, so the fact that he is a veteran is a testament to his skills or luck.

Hardcase has come to St. Martial to deal with the demons who plaque the area, and is looking for freelancers who aren't afraid to tuss with the monsters.

Jezebel Jones


Occupation: Casino Madam
Location: Babylon
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Carnival of Shadows, Longbow, The Family

This vision of beauty runs Johnny Sonata's favorite escort service. This has given her a great deal of pull, even within the upper echelons of Arachnos.

Though many consider her just one of Johnny's hangers-on, her access, charm, and willingness to seduce and manipulate give her a dangerous level of power that most people don't appreciate.

Vivacious Verandi


Occupation: Carnival Mistress
Location: The Flop
Enemy Groups: Circle of Thorns, Devouring Earth, Freakshow, The Family, Tsoo

Vivacious Verandi's always had everything she asked for. As a relative of the Verandi family, she's been spoiled since her first years.

Her access to wealth and her impeccable fashion sense soon made her a target of the Carnival of Shadows, and she's been under their thumb for many months now. It's hard to say how much of Viv's personality remains, and how much of her has been replaced by the will of the Carnival Mistress.

She still receives protection from the Family, but many of her connections to her business dealings have been cut off. Still, she has some pull in the Rogue Isles, and she can get enough info to support the Carnival's favorite pastime: making mischief.

Johnny Sonata


Occupation: An older-style slot machine with a pull-arm and an orange video screen
Location: Golden Giza
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, Wailers

He's the top of the heap, the big cheese, the man himself: Johnny Sonata. Everyone knows who Johnny Sonata is.

He sung his way up in the world with his golden voice and charming smile. While he still releases platinum-selling albums every year, he spends much of his time running his casino, the Golden Giza. Johnny is an extremely powerful man, and there are many rumors that say he's tied both to the Family and to Arachnos.

Because his time is in so much demand, Johnny will only work with accomplished villains that have earned the Obsessed Badge and are between threat levels 35 to 39.

Slot Machine


Occupation: Owner of the Golden Giza
Location: Golden Giza
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Carnival of Shadows, Circle of Thorns, Council, Devouring Earth, Freakshow, Tsoo

You don't know why exactly, but something seems slightly wrong with this gambling device.

Maybe it's the fact that no one else ever goes near the machine, or how the glowing orange light of it's screen sometimes turns blood-red, or that the cigarette burns on the front of the machine almost seem to spell something out, but something definitely feels like it isn't right.

As you look at the machine, the dials begin to spin on their own, and as its lights flash and its bells ring, you could swear that you hear something that sounds like a voice. The voice speaks to very few, and a villain must have the Gangbuster Badge and be between threat 30 to 34 to play the Slot Machine's "game".