Contacts: King's Row

Contacts: King's Row

Genevieve Sanders


Occupation: Pharmacist
Location: Kings Row
Villain Groups: Hellions, Circle of Thorns

During the war, when much of the city was torn to pieces and refugees fled for the countryside, Genevieve stayed.

She opened up her pharmacy to freely distribute medicine to the sick and wounded. When her supplies ran out, Genevieve worked in the streets, offering aid and comfort to those who badly needed it. As the city rebuilt she stayed with it, continuing to lend a helping hand.

Genevieve has recently started reaching out to the city's heroes, providing them not only with medicine, but also with information about the evil deeds she witnesses every day. She has become a valuable resource in the fight to save Paragon City.

Juan Jimenez


Occupation: Photographer
Location: Kings Row
Villain Groups: Skulls

Juan Jimenez was born and raised in Paragon City, and he loves his hometown. He's made his way as a photographer since high school, when he sold Lifetimes Magazine a picture of the Statesman saving his school. Two months after his college graduation, the Rikti invaded.

Juan enlisted in the army to help fight the invaders, bringing his camera along, and he managed to snap some of the most memorable photos of the war. Today, he is a freelance photographer who sells his pictures to local and national press outlets. He's also putting together a book of photos chronicling the post-war transformation of the city and its effects on residents' daily lives.

As interesting as this is, he knows that it's action shots that pay the bills, so he spends much of his time trying to get images of villains and heroes duking it out. He's currently working with reporter Maggie Greene on an expose about the Skulls.

Linda Summers


Occupation: Reporter
Location: Kings Row
Villain Groups: Skulls

Linda Summers is a freelance reporter looking to make a name for herself. She earned some notoriety when she landed an exclusive interview with Vahzilok himself, although she had to be saved by a group of heroes when the zombie master decided he wasn't pleased with her interviewing tactics. She doesn't scare easily, and so she perseveres.

These days she's thrown herself into the local gang scene and has written a series of compelling articles about life in gangs. Like any good reporter, she always protects her sources, a fact that has earned her the trust of the people she covers.

She will work with heroes, although she has been known to keep important facts from them.

Paula Dempsey


Occupation: Mechanic and Inventor
Location: Kings Row
Villain Groups: Clockwork

Paula Dempsey moved to Paragon City as a child, when her parents were killed by an invading space armada in the late 60's.

She grew up with her grandfather, a famous mechanic who did a lot more than just fix cars. Paula's grandfather maintained the fabulous weapons and equipment used by a hero named Gauge Steele, and Paula grew up hearing stories of their adventures. With a role model like that, there was never any question as to where her career path lay.

Today, she not only fixes things, she invents them. She's got a wealth of contacts and has been an excellent resource for new heroes for over a decade.

Ron Hughes


Occupation: Science Reporter
Location: Kings Row
Villain Groups: Skulls

Science has had more advances in the past year than it has in the past 100, due in great part to the massive knowledge researchers continue to glean from recovered Rikti technology.

It is Ron Hughes' greatest pleasure to report on these developments as a writer for The Paragon Science Journal, especially since he knows that not all those making advances have Paragon City's best interests at heart. Ron knows just the right questions to ask, and his contacts in the scientific community often tip him off to research taking place under shady circumstances.

He finds such experiments morally appalling, and he's helped more than a few heroes bust illegal labs.

Samuel Pierce


Occupation: Event Promoter
Location: Kings Row
Villain Groups: Vahzilok

Samuel Pierce earned a citywide reputation when he staged a series of benefit concerts and parties to aid those who lost their homes in the Rikti Invasion.

Ever since then he has devoted his time to promoting entertainment events that are fun, stylish, and socially conscious. He's moved on from fundraisers to more pointed political and social statements, using his clout as a promoter to help fight poverty, racism and injustice.

Of course, not everyone who attends his parties, raves, and concerts understands his message. Most just want to have a good time. As a result of his social and political activism, Samuel is a well-connected man who sees a lot. He's always happy to pass that information on to heroes he can trust.

Vic Johansson


Occupation: Beat Cop
Location: Kings Row
Villain Groups: The Lost

Vic Johansson grew up in one of Paragon City's poorer neighborhoods as the son of a shopkeeper and a bus driver.

After a few years in boring office jobs, he joined the police force. He has since become a distinguished officer, although promotions have been few and far between. Vic knows full well that it's the heroes, not the cops, who end up fighting most of the crime in Paragon City, and his comfort with this fact may explain why he hasn't moved up the ranks quickly.

Most cops have an inferiority complex about costumed crime fighters, and they like to solve cases without them. Vic, on the other hand, is famously friendly with the super-powered crowd.

He's also a firm believer in neighborhood-based policing, and he keeps heroes apprised of the slightest signs of evil on his beat.