Contacts: Skyway City

Contacts: Skyway City

Carla Brunelli


Occupation: Gun Dealer
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Clockwork

A staunch defender of the second amendment, Carla Brunelli believes that force must be met with force.

In a place as dangerous as Paragon City, she does good business selling weapons, but Carla is no coldhearted profiteer. She goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to background checks, using her police contacts to make sure she's not selling firearms to criminals.

A major leader in her neighborhood watch program, Carla's greatest concern is keeping the city's streets safe.

Cho Ge


Occupation: Reformed gangster
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Tsoo, The Council (The 5th Column)

The Tsoo are a relatively new group in Paragon City, the only ethnically Hmong gang the region has ever seen. Cho Ge was a gangster years before they came on the scene, a hired gun for the Chinese Triads. When the Tsoo ousted the Triads, Cho Ge saw the writing on the wall. He left his old friends and tried to join the Tsoo, but once he understood that they were more like a cult than a gang, he decided to turn over a new leaf. He ratted them out to the police.

Now, he's ostensibly a reformed gang member and an informant for those in the city who fight crime. Whether or not his conversion is complete is unclear, but he certainly seems eager and ready to help the forces of good. Then again, he's always known how to pick a winning team.

Dr. Ann-Marie Engles

Occupation: Scientist and Engineer
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Vahzilok, Outcasts

Dr. Engles moved to Paragon City just before the Rikti Invasion. Already famous for her work with microelectronics and molecular machines, she became the toast of the scientific community when, with the help of anonymous investors, she set up Engles Electronics, a research company focused chiefly on robotics.

During the Rikti Invasion, she volunteered her time and expertise to help repair electronics and other equipment damaged during the attack. She also provided similar services for a number of Paragon City's gadget-oriented heroes. She is currently involved in a new robotics project that is somehow related to recovered Rikti technology.

Dr. Engles keeps a tight lid on her discoveries, but is otherwise quite open with her knowledge and expertise. Villains have raided her labs on several occasions, but the city's heroes have always come to her rescue, something she's very grateful for.

Everett Daniels


Occupation: Lawyer
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Clockwork

Everett Daniels is an idealist who believes firmly in the concepts of right and wrong.

He also believes in capitalism. Hoping to strike it rich, Everett became a lawyer, dedicated to fighting the good fight against corporate greed and malfeasance. He's had a lot of success over the years, and he's focused his practice on a particularly heinous set of corporate enemies: those who work with criminals.

He works with a number of different heroes, who help him chase down leads that often lead to criminal charges against the companies he's suing. And that makes Everett's job all the easier in court.

Haley Philips


Occupation: Health Department Inspector
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Hellions, Circle of Thorns

As an inspector for the Health Department, Haley investigates health hazards associated with super-powered, supernatural, and alien events.

Her group is dedicated to making sure the city's residents live in safety, and that their homes protect them from Paragon City's exotic threats. For example, most cities don't require radiation shielding for private residences. Nor do most building codes call for walls strong enough to withstand the impact of a flying hero.

Haley specializes in identifying new threats and liaising with heroes who can help her find more information.

Jake Montoya


Occupation: Retired Hero
Location: Steel Canyon
Villain Groups: Clockwork, Trolls

Jake Montoya was once a well-known hero who fought under the name Red Tiger.

After a nearly fatal injury cost him his leg, he chose early retirement and a prosthetic limb over a cybernetic replacement. But retirement from active duty doesn't mean he's turned his back on the city. Now he's one of many retired heroes who acts as a clearing house for information.

He uses his experience and contacts to keep tabs on various villain groups, then organizes active heroes to deal with the situation. He's particularly interested in the Clockwork King, largely because he lost his leg while fighting him.

Jill Pastor


Occupation: FCC Investigator
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Vahzilok

Like most kids, Jill Pastor grew up wanting to be a hero. But that wasn't in the cards.

Jill has had to settle for the life of an FCC investigator, which, in Paragon City, is much more interesting than she could have imagined. Jill tracks down illegal radio broadcasts, and, with so many criminal organizations in the city, it's a big job. She's found that the best way to get results is to file all the proper paperwork.

That is, after she's told a helpful hero about the situation. Of late she's become particularly interested in the Vahzilok, who have become a thorn in the side of the FCC.

Juliana Nehring


Occupation: Reporter
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Vahzilok, Outcasts

Juliana Nehring is one of the city's most prolific and popular Internet reporters.

She runs an independent news site that features articles about the subjects that most interest her. Her daring approach to journalism has won her national acclaim, although some criticize her for putting too much of herself in the story. She has gone undercover on numerous occasions and risked death more than once.

Lately she's been focusing most of her attention on the villains that threaten the city. She's particularly interested in Vahzilok because he, like her, uses the Internet to spread his message.

Karen Parker


Occupation: Police Detective
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Tsoo, The Council (The 5th Column)

Paragon City is not known for attracting the best police officers in the world.

With so many super-powered heroes breaking cases, it's tough for a good cop to make a real impression. Detective Karen Parker is an exception. She's got a first-rate investigative mind and has broken a number of high profile cases that even the best heroes couldn't solve.

She attributes her successes to her lack of special powers, since it means she must rely on her wits. She has mixed feelings about the city's heroes. As a realist, she knows they're vital to the city's welfare, but she sometimes wishes they behaved a little more responsibly. Still, once a hero earns her respect, she has no qualms about working with him or her to solve crimes.

For Karen, the most important thing is getting the criminals off the streets and making the case stick in court.

Kong Bao


Occupation: Community Leader
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Tsoo, Circle of Thorns

Kong Bao is one of the oldest and most respected members of Paragon City's Hmong community.

He is considered by many to be the community's leader, a role he takes seriously. He organizes charity events, cultural festivals, and programs designed to keep the Hmong youth in school and off drugs. The recent and terrifying rise of the Tsoo is of particular concern to Mr. Kong.

He has redoubled his efforts to curtail the gang's recruiting among Hmong youth, with some success. More and more of the Tsoo's new members come from other ethnic groups. Kong Bao has found that the city's heroes play a crucial role in his efforts, so he is always pleased to work with them.

Lorenzo DiCosta


Occupation: Confidential Informant
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: The Council (The 5th Column)

As the cops say about Lorenzo DiCosta, he's got a rap sheet as long as your arm.

He's been in and out of jail since he was 13, and he's decided he likes out better than in. He's a small time crook and hustler, but he knows who most of the big players are. They, on the other hand, scarcely notice him, making him the perfect confidential informant.

For a few bucks he'll tell a hero anything he wants to know. Or he'll do it in exchange for a favor down the line, say, a get out of jail free card on a minor charge. Lorenzo is a pretty personable fellow, and has made friends with a number of different heroes, despite his less than savory line of work.

Maggie Greene


Occupation: Freelance Journalist
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Clockwork, Trolls

Maggie Greene is one of the city's best known freelance reporters.

She first came to prominence with a series of investigative reports about the illegal disposal of medical waste by the Morrell Corporation, a subsidiary of Crey Industries. Her stories helped spur on a class action lawsuit that eventually shut the company down, and Maggie received a public thanks from Countess Crey for discovering the corruption.

Since then she's moved on to the mystical beat. Maggie's especially interested in Vahzilok, and she's eager to be the one to break the story of whatever strange magics the doctor may be using to animate his zombies.

Mark Freeman


Occupation: Hacker
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Clockwork, The Lost

There are a lot of hackers in the world, but very few like Mark Freeman.

Mark is a mutant, with the power to communicate directly with computers, and this makes him the most talented hacker on the planet. This amazing power has proven useful in several situations, but Mark has also made the government a bit wary of his powers.

Mark uses his abilities to feed his own curiosity and, occasionally, to help heroes in need. He has taken a particular interest in the Lost and, like any tech geek, he's curious about the Clockwork King and how his technology actually works.

Pavel Garnier


Occupation: FBI Agent
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Vahzilok, Outcasts

The FBI has several hundred agents in Paragon City, but only an elite few work closely with the local heroes. Pavel Garnier is one of those few.

The Rikti targeted all of the nation's intelligence gathering networks during their attack, so the FBI is still woefully undermanned. Agent Garnier's chief areas of concern are information and Internet related crimes, particularly the use of the Internet to coordinate organized crime and terrorism.

Most recently he has come up against Vahzilok, who makes use of the Internet to spread his ideology and the plans for his zombie-like creations.

Sanjay Chandra


Occupation: Newsstand owner
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: The Lost, Skulls

Sanjay Chandra was born in Paragon City, one of four sons raised by immigrant parents.

Since his teens he has worked in the newspaper business, as a purveyor rather than a reporter. His commitment to civic well-being is what sets Sanjay apart from most of the city's newsstand operators. He has a profound sense of responsibility, and he goes out of his way to help heroes and law enforcement as much as possible.

He even earned a bit of a reputation as a crime fighter when he single-handedly captured a small time costumed villain by hitting him over the head with a stack of Sunday edition papers.

Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard


Occupation: Street Crimes Division
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Tsoo, The Council (The 5th Column)

The street crimes division was created to deal with the wide variety of random and organized crime that happens on Paragon City's streets.

Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard has served with the division since she joined the force, first as a beat cop busting alleyway craps games, and now as a sergeant, coordinating the efforts of her fellow officers. She's a tough, no nonsense cop who takes pride in her work.

She's happy to leave the most dangerous villains to the costumed heroes. She just wants to make the lives of average folks a little better by keeping crime off her neighborhood streets. She'll do whatever it takes to do that, and that often means working with heroes.

Thao Ku


Occupation: Marital Arts Instructor
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Tsoo, Circle of Thorns

Thao Ku is one of the most respected martial artists in Paragon City.

Its not just for his kickboxing skills that are impressive, but also his role as a community leader and youth organizer. Ethnically Hmong, he emigrated from Laos. He has taught in the same dojo for over twenty years, mentoring thousands of dedicated students in both the physical and spiritual aspects of the martial arts.

He has a reputation as a wise man, someone whose body and mind have nearly transcended the limits of human understanding. Master Thao is particularly interested in the mystical side of martial arts, and he is rumored to have some supernatural abilities of his own.

He's worked with heroes and law enforcement on numerous occasions, such as during the Rikti War, when he opened his school to serve as a shelter and clinic.

Tristan Caine


Occupation: Environmental Activist
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Vahzilok

Born and raised in Paragon City, Tristan is a idealistic young activist who specializes in urban environmentalism.

His primary concerns are issues like recycling, clean air, and fighting urban sprawl. He's been in the news more than once, usually as part of a citizens' group dedicated to repairing Paragon City in an environmentally sound manner. He's got a nose for trouble and thinks of himself as kind of a watchdog, always on the lookout for environmental wrong-doers.

He's particularly interested in Dr. Vahzilok, who has a reputation for hindering the environmental movement.

Vitaly Cherenko


Occupation: Mystic Healer
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Tsoo, Circle of Thorns

Vitaly Cherenko thinks of himself as a doctor, though he practices magic, not medicine.

Vitaly is a powerful mystic who uses his prodigious healing powers to treat the homeless, free of charge. His standard of living is not much better than his clientele's, but he is fulfilled and happy. That is, until he runs across a problem he can't cure with his magic.

Then he turns to the city's heroes. Heroes comprise a large portion of his patients as well, especially the younger ones just starting out. Vitaly is currently quite worried about the Tsoo and the amoral Circle of Thorns, both of which threaten his homeless patients.

Warren Trudeau


Occupation: FBI Agent
Location: Skyway City
Villain Groups: Tsoo, The Council (The 5th Column)

Warren Trudeau is new to the FBI, but not to law enforcement.

He served with distinction as an MP in the Marine Corps for years before moving on to the FBI Academy in Quantico. Paragon City is his first assignment as a field agent, an honor seldom bestowed on new recruits. He's a professional, driven man and takes his job very seriously.

Trudeau's main duty is to work with local agencies and heroes to combat the Tsoo, and so far he's doing a fine job.