Contacts: Atlas Park

Contacts: Atlas Park

Antonio Nash

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Occupation: Mutation Hero Liaison
Location: Atlas Park, City Hall
Villain Groups: Skulls, Hellions

Antonio Nash has the ability to instantly solve any mathematical equation. He worked for the Department of Defense for years, but, when the danger to his home town of Paragon City continued to rise, he asked to be reassigned to GIFT, a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs.

Now, as a member of the Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team, he is the primary contact point for many new mutant heroes. Having grown up on the streets of Paragon City as a member of the Outcasts gang, Antonio makes a point of keeping himself informed on current gang activity.



Occupation: Magic Hero Liaison
Location: Atlas Park, City Hall
Villain Groups: Vahzilok

Azuria is a seer who works with MAGI, the Modern Arcane Guild of Investigation. This section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs assists young magic heroes in finding the right path.

Some call Azuria a charlatan, but those in the mystical know believe she has great insight and wisdom. Recently she has been troubled by many grave visions about the nefarious Vahzilok and his undead minions.

Professor Jonathan St. John-Smythe


Occupation: Science Hero Liaison
Location: Atlas Park, City Hall
Villain Groups: Clockwork

Professor Jonathan St. John-Smythe is a brilliant research scientist whose inventions have been of great help to Paragon City and its heroes.

The Professor works for SERAPH, which is a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. SERAPH stands for Scientific Experimentation, Research, and Application to Paranormal Humans. His primary duty is monitoring and measuring the power levels of the city's heroes, and he is always eager to help new heroes better understand their powers.

He is fascinated by the Clockwork, and he gathers information on their activities whenever possible.

Susan Davies


Occupation: Natural Hero Liaison
Location: Atlas Park, City Hall
Villain Groups: The Council (The 5th Column)

On the surface, Susan Davies is a quiet, unassuming government liaison working in the ELITE section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. ELITE stands for Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence. Some say that Susan has much more power than she lets on. One thing is certain: she has no shortage of well-placed contacts.

Her brother, Rick, once the hero known as Horatio, is now the liaison for new technology heroes. Susan knows about everything going on in Paragon City, and she keeps an especially close watch on gang activities. She shares her knowledge with new heroes, but she believes that no amount of advice can substitute for training and determination.

Rick Davies


Occupation: Technology Hero Liaison
Location: Atlas Park, City Hall
Villain Groups: Clockwork

Rick was one of the first heroes in Paragon City to use powered armor. He fought the Rikti under the code name Horatio, but the injuries he received ended his career as a hero. Never one to rest on his laurels, Rick began working with DATA, the Department of Advanced Technological Application. DATA is a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs.

Rick threw himself into helping new heroes with their struggles against Paragon City's many criminals. His sister, Susan, is also a hero liaison. Rick loves tinkering, therefore the Clockwork are of utmost interest to him.

City Representative


Occupation: City Representative
Location: Atlas Park, City Hall
Villain Groups: None

Before the Rikti Invasion, the City Representative's tasks were largely ceremonial. Now, with many new threats on the horizon, she's charged with coordinating the efforts of the various branches of the FBSA.

According to well-known mystic Azuria, the City Rep has risen to her new challenges admirably. It's often said that there is no one who knows more about the inner workings of the city than she.

Detective Jose Brogan


Occupation: Police Detective
Location: Atlas Park
Villain Groups: The Lost

Detective Jose Brogan is one of many policemen who volunteered to transfer to Paragon City after the Rikti War. So many officers had died during the invasion that the police department faced a serious resource crisis, one it is still recovering from. Originally from Philadelphia, Brogan has already begun to make a name for himself in Paragon City, and he's become especially adept at dealing with the city's stranger homicides.

He is also part of an informal alliance of officers dedicated to taking down the Lost.

Henry Peter Wong


Occupation: Hero Corps Liaison
Location: Atlas Park
Villain Groups: Vahzilok

Hero Corps has turned fighting crime into a profitable business, by employing teams of heroes and contracting work out to freelancers.

Henry Peter Wong is a low-level hero liaison, whose job it is to give low-priority or low-threat cases to relatively inexperienced heroes. Henry Peter is relatively new to the business, but his brother was a famous hero called Star Strike, who died in the Rikti War.

Although he doesn't have his brother's powers, Henry Peter still wants to work with heroes. He realizes that his success in the company depends on the successes of the heroes he works with, so he gives them as much information as he possibly can.

Laurence Mansfield


Occupation: Coroner
Location: Atlas Park
Villain Groups: Hellions, Cirlce of Thorns

The coroner's job in Paragon City is complicated by a number of factors: the exotic powers that can cause death, the alien anatomies that complicate autopsies, and the mutant abilities that sometimes make it hard to tell if a person's actually dead.

Laurence Mansfield has handled all of these with aplomb for more than twenty years. Not only is he calm, dignified, and insightful, he's also immensely curious. He's a bit of an amateur detective, a hobby the police department frowns on. So Laurence goes straight to some of the city's heroes instead.

He's always excited to share tips and theories with costume-clad defenders, and he considers many of them his friends. The police look the other way, in deference to the skill and speed with which he performs his assigned duties.

Tony Kord


Occupation: Defense Systems Entrepreneur
Location: Atlas Park
Villain Groups: Clockwork

Tony Kord moved to Paragon City after the Rikti War. A competent engineer and a brilliant businessman, he hopes to make a name for himself as a purveyor of high tech defense systems for heroes and police. His team of talented researchers is hard at work building newer, better weapons designed for use against particular criminal groups.

The right tool for the job, he's fond of saying. He often works with new heroes, providing them tips in exchange for help testing his equipment. Right now he's focusing on relatively minor threats like the Clockwork King, but he hopes to expand his business tremendously in the next few years.



Occupation: Peacebringer Coordinator
Location: Atlas Park
Villain Groups: Skulls, Hellions, Council, Void Hunters, Circle of Thorns, Vahzilok, Nictus

When the Kheldian warrior called Perihelion arrived on Earth, it sought a human warrior with courage and strength to match its own as a host. When it spied a uniformed human facing certain death, it thought that it had found a soldier who would be a perfect match. It offered the embattled Sgt. Benjamin Carter the opportunity to bond, and form a powerful Kheldian Peacebringer. The two joined in that moment to form the being called Sunstorm.

Sunstorm usually coordinates the activities of his fellow Peacebringers on Earth. While he holds no real rank over the rest of his kind, wise Peacebringers listen to what he has to say.