Contacts: Sharkhead Isle

Contacts: Sharkhead Isle

Captain Petrovich


Occupation: Smuggler
Location: Port Recluse
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Cage Consortium, Circle of Thorns, Council, The Family, Freakshow, Scrapyarders, Slag Golems

Captain Petrovich is an old sea captain who has smuggled, cheated, murdered and backstabbed his way through the Rogue Isles for many years.

In that time he has learned a great deal, and works for various villains on the isles, with loyalties to no group in particular. Some say Petrovich has gone soft in his old age, but never to his face.

If you want to work for the Captain, you have to be willing do what he asks without asking questions.

Crash Cage


Occupation: Circle of Thorns Acolyte
Location: Port Recluse
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Cage Consortium, Circle of Thorns, Legacy Chain

Crash is the daughter of Kirk Cage, the leader of the Cage Consortium. But don't even think about using her to get to the big guy himself.

The two haven't spoken since she ran away and joined up with some crazy young mystics who thought they could make good with the Circle of Thorns. Most of Crash's youthful companions are dead, but the Circle seems to be impressed with her spirit. She might just have a bright future ahead of her, if she can stay on the Circle's good side.

Crash took a small fortune with her when she left home, and she uses that to finance the Circle's work, along with her own petty acts of revenge against her father.

Diviner Maros


Occupation: Circle of Thorns Mystic
Location: Port Recluse
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Coralax, Freakshow, Legacy Chain, Longbow, Sky Raiders, Slag Golems, Warriors

Diviner Maros is a figure of awe and terror, even among his fellow cultists within the Circle of Thorns.

Though not the most powerful of their mystics, Maros has the ability, or curse, to see the past and future. Rumours say that his spirit was split across time after an accident during some arduous mystic research, but no one really knows the truth. Many within the Circle fear him, because his predictions come true all too often.

When rumors arose that he was seeking freelancers to perform tasks there was a great outcry within the Circle, but no one dared try to stop him.

Lorenz Ansaldo


Occupation: Family Associate
Location: Port Recluse
Enemy Groups: Cage Consortium, Council, Dockworkers, The Family, Freakshow, Legacy Chain, Longbow, Scrapyarders

Lorenz Ansaldo is an associate for the Family. He's a troubleshooter for their problems, outsourcing to freelance villains when necessary.

Some say Lorenz got where he did by taking care of certain unsavory tasks for the Family. Others say he'd be much more highly placed if it wasn't for his mouth getting him into trouble all the time.

In any case, he gets the job with an easy smile, a nudge and a wink.

Lt. Chalmers


Occupation: Sky Raider Lieutenant
Location: Port Recluse
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Council, Longbow, Wyvern

Lieutenant Heathcliff Chalmers is a recent Sky Raider recruit, joining them from the ranks of the British SAS.

It's rumored that he was originally part of a unit attempting to capture the leader of the Sky Raiders, Colonel Virgil Duray, but that once he learned more about the high-flying mercenaries, switched sides.

Chalmers' organizational skill was soon recognized, and he's been tasked with organizing operations with freelance villains to achieve the Sky Raiders' goals.

Operative Kirkland


Occupation: Arachnos Operative
Location: The Pit
Enemy Groups: Circle of Thorns, Council, Freakshow, Legacy Chain, Longbow, The Family, Wyvern

Arachnos Operative Kirkland keeps tabs on the various villainous factions on Sharkhead Isle, making sure that no one group gains too much power or overly disrupts the day-to-day activities that keep the area functional.

Operative Kirkland often looks for freelancers willing to do service for Arachnos. If you play your cards right, Kirkland may be way to a position of prestige within Arachnos. If you disappoint him, it's at your own peril.

Operative Vargas


Occupation: Arachnos Operative
Location: Port Recluse
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Council, The Family, Freakshow, Longbow, Scrapyarders, Sky Raiders, Tsoo

Operative Leonard Vargas is one of the brightest rising stars in Arachnos. He joined the organization after completing his Bachelor's degree in business at an Ivy League school, and has since begun a rapid rise through the ranks. While he's lacking in combat experience, his initiative, efficiency, and ability to get things done have attracted a lot of attention, particularly among the Arbiter Corps.

Vince Dubrowski


Occupation: Cage Consortium Representative
Location: Hell Forge
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, Freakshow, Scrapyarders, Slag Golems

If there's one thing Cage Consortium believes in, it's profit. That's why Vince Dubroski's here.

Vince is in charge of keeping down the rabble-rousing Scrapyarders who are throwing a wrench into the well-oiled machine of the Consortium's bauxite mining. Vince never questions his orders to bust up Scrapyarder safehouses, put down picket lines with militant force, or even have a few of the more troublesome louts arrested on false charges.

Because if there's one thing Vince Dubrowski believes in, it's loyalty. He gave his soul to the Consortium long ago, and he's never looked back.

Archmage Tarixus


Occupation: Ancient Sorcerer
Location: Potter's Field
Enemy Groups: Circle of Thorns, Freakshow, Legacy Chain, Longbow, Scrapyarders, Slag Golems, Tsoo

Archmage Tarixus is an ancient sorcerer who has always existed on what is now known as Potter's Field.

His mortal body has long since passed on, leaving only his ghostly spirit. It's said that the Circle of Thorns tried acquiring power over him at one time, but Tarixus quickly put them in their place. Tarixus guards his ancient wisdom well , and will only speak to villains that have earned the Lorekeeper Badge and are threat level 25 to 29.

Doc Buzzsaw


Occupation: Freakshow Meat Doctor
Location: The Crush
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Council, Freakshow, Legacy Chain, Slag Golems, Scrapyarders, The Family

Doc Buzzsaw makes no secret that she was once a disciple of Dr. Vahzilok, but had a falling out with her mentor some time ago.

After wards she journeyed to the Rogue Isles to continue her research, and rumor has it, escape the retribution of the Vahzilok. The Freakshow came to her looking for someone who understood both cybernetic machinery and human anatomy well enough to repair them, and she quickly formed an association with them.

The Freaks love the improvements 'Doc' makes for them, and Buzzsaw sees her energetic new allies as the perfect mix of protectors and test subjects. The fact that both sides are completely deranged only makes the partnership work better.

Doc Buzzsaw is more interested in his research then talking to aspiring villains, so he will only assign tasks to those who have earned the Bling Badge and are threat levels 25 to 29.

Henri Dumont


Occupation: Cage Consortium Executive
Location: Hell Forge
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, Freakshow, Legacy Chain

Henri Dumont is one of the top dogs for the Cage Consortium. It's his job to make sure the Sharkhead Isle operations run as smoothly as possible.

He realizes that sometimes sacrifices must be made for profitability, and so is willing to sacrifice anything — or anyone — that gets in his way. He sometimes hires freelancers to deal with matters of special importance to the Cage Consortium.

You won't receive work from Mr. Dumont, however, unless you have first earned the Strike Buster Badge and be between threat levels 20 to 24.