Contacts: Galaxy City

Contacts: Galaxy City

Caitlin Murray


Occupation: Technological Hero Liaison
Location: Galaxy City, Freedom Plaza
Villain Groups: Clockwork

Caitlin Murray has been working with computers since the age of 10, and there's nothing she can't program or fix. She used to work for Exarch Industries, programming cybernetic hardware and perfecting their Man-Machine interfaces. One day she was working late in the office when it was attacked by the Freakshow. She was kidnapped and forced to integrate the Freaks' stolen cybernetics into their bodies.

After a three month ordeal, she was rescued by the power-suited hero Horatio. She didn't feel safe going back to her old job, so Horatio introduced her to his friends at DATA. After the Rikti War, Horatio retired his suit to work for DATA in his civilian identity of Rick Davies.

Caitlin has been trying to get Rick to notice her, but so far he seems blind to her advances.

Derek Amberson


Occupation: Natural Hero Liaison
Location: Galaxy City, Freedom Plaza
Villain Groups: The Council (The 5th Column)

Derek Amberson was always a genius at the art of war. Tactics, strategy, swordplay; there was nothing in the martial arena he could not master.

After taking a Olympic gold medal in fencing, Derek longed for work that would give him a different kind of reward. When he heard about the trouble in Paragon City, he immediately got on a bus, traveling all night to present himself at the ELITE offices the next morning.

As liaison to new heroes with natural abilities, he is passing on his expertise to the next generation of heroes.

Gregor Richardson


Occupation: Magic Hero Liaison
Location: Galaxy City, Freedom Plaza
Villain Groups: Hellions

Gregor Richardson is from Australia, but he's been in America so long that his accent is almost gone, save for the occasional 'mate'.

He's a talented artist who spends every moment he can locked away in his studio, painting. Gregor has a knack not just for the fine arts, but for the mystical arts as well. He and Azuria have radically different approaches to magic. She sees it as something to be guided and respected; he sees it as something to be tamed and used.

This attitude makes Gregor something of a rebel in mystical circles, which is probably what has kept him off the Arcane Guild's High Council the past several years. They gave him his post as magic hero liaison only grudgingly, unable to deny the power of the magic he can manifest.

Prince Kiros Nandelu


Occupation: Mutation Hero Liaison
Location: Galaxy City, Freedom Plaza
Villain Groups: Skulls

An honest to goodness African prince, Kiros Nandelu was given an ambassadorship to America when his mutant powers were discovered.

His ability to see into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums wasn't useful enough to make him a hero in his own right, but it got the attention of the Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs, who needed a new GIFT liaison in Paragon City. Humbled and inspired by the chance to work alongside such heroes as the Statesman, Prince Kiros hastily accepted.

He now splits his time between helping new heroes and his ambassadorial duties, which are light, to say the least.

Rebecca Brinell


Occupation: Science Hero Liaison
Location: Galaxy City, Freedom Plaza
Villain Groups: Vahzilok

Rebecca Brinell grew up as one of Paragon City's most brilliant young minds.

She graduated at the top of her class and went on to MIT, where her experiments in radio-imaging are still the stuff of legend. After college, she had her choice of top-paying positions at many research facilities, think-tanks, and corporations.

But Rebecca wanted a job that let her give back to the city she called home. She became a hero liaison for SERAPH in Paragon City. There, she could have access to the most radical scientists and innovative thinkers in the world, all while helping new science heroes find their place in the city.

Kip Cantorum


Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Location: Galaxy City
Villain Groups: Vahzilok

Kip Cantorum has a reputation as one of the more inventive engineers in Paragon City.

He loves to tinker, and he has recently made quite a name for himself by converting technology seized from villains into harmless children's toys. He works closely with many of the city's heroes, who often give him recovered items in exchange for tips about what's going on in the city's technical community.

Maurice Feldon


Occupation: Inventor's assistant
Location: Galaxy City
Villain Groups: Clockwork

Maurice Feldon is one of Paragon Polytechnic Institute's most notable recent graduates. His thesis won the National Inventor's Prize in mechanical engineering, but his reputation is hardly that of a shy scientist. Instead, he's known around town as a bit of a loose cannon and a ladies' man. Maurice turned down a number of lucrative research jobs to work as an assistant to Dr. Ann-Marie Engles.

He is helping her on a top-secret project, which many speculate must have something to do with his much-loved field of robotics. Despite his devotion to his research, Maurice likes to get out of the lab when he can. Among his many hobbies he includes a bit of amateur sleuthing, and he especially likes to dig into science- and technology-based villainy.

He's had a few run-ins with the police, which makes him less than eager to work with the law. Luckily, he has no qualms about passing on his information to heroes, especially if they return the favor.

Paco Sanchez


Occupation: Emergency Medical Technician
Location: Galaxy City
Villain Groups: Hellions, Circle of Thorns

Paco Sanchez is an emergency medical technician and a bit of an adrenalin junkie. Part of him yearns for the life of a costume-clad hero, fighting crime with fists and super powers, but he is utterly committed to his job, and he takes pride in saving lives every day.

Still, he's eager to help those who do have super powers, and he's proven himself a valuable contact. He sees a great deal, and he's constantly asking questions of his friends on the police force and in the medical community. When he gets interesting answers, he's happy to pass along what he has learned.

Rachel Torres


Occupation: Gang Unit Detective
Location: Galaxy City
Villain Groups: The Lost

Detective Rachel Torres has only been a cop for a few years, but police in Paragon City have plenty of opportunities to advance quickly.

Torres has done just that. She's now part of the Gang Unit, a tough assignment with high turnover, since everyone either gets promoted or put in the hospital. So far the detective has avoided both, but she has managed to put some big time gang bosses behind bars.

She also has more than a passing interest in the Lost. Her vendetta against that villain group dates back to her first week on the job, when they crippled her partner and almost killed her.



Occupation: Warshade Facilitator
Location: Galaxy City
Villain Groups: Circle of Thorns, Clockwork, Council, Freakshow, Hydra, Outcasts, Trolls, Vahzilok

Long before the Peacebringers arrived on Earth, Nictus who sought to change their ways passed along the legend of the Shadowstar. It was said that one of the first to turn away from the path of the Nictus found refuge in a priestess of an ancient Egyptian moon-cult, and that the two of them discovered the path of the Warshade as a way to defend themselves from the Nictus that hunted them.

It is not known if the Warshade who calls herself Shadowstar has been inspired by this myth to help her fellow Kheldians, or if the legend is true and she is the latest in an ancient line. Either way, Shadowstar works tirelessly to help Warshades find their true path and start their new lives.

Though she has no official rank or power among her fellows, many Warshades defer to her, and the wise listen to her advice.