Contacts: Port Oakes

Contacts: Port Oakes

Angelo Vendetti


Occupation: Vengeful Fixer
Location: Port Oakes
Enemy Groups: Council

Angelo Vendetti is the scion shattered family of crime that can trace it's origins back to the days of the Medicis.

The Vendetti Family came to ruin nearly 60 years ago, when the charismatic mutant known as 'The Center' plundered their criminal empire for money to split from the old Arachnos and found the criminal organization called the Council.

The Vendettis have sworn vengeance, and have worked against the Council and its leader for nearly 60 years.

Angelo is the youngest of the line to take up the fight, and is looking to make his first strikes against his family's ancestral foe.

Billie Heck


Occupation: Street Fixer
Location: Arena District
Enemy Groups: Hellions, Mooks, The Family

Billie Heck showed up in Port Oakes a short while ago. After unsuccessfully trying to start up his own gang, he became an errand boy for the Family.

Now he claims to be a street fixer for the Family, occasionally hooking up freelancers for certain jobs that the Family doesn't want to handle themselves.

Mr. Bocor


Occupation: Vodoun Priest
Location: Port Oakes
Enemy Groups: Bat'Zul, Circle of Thorns, Hellions, Legacy Chain, The Family, Scrapyarders, Spectral Pirates

Very little is known about Mr. Bocor. Even his first name is a closely guarded secret, as Bocor understands that names have great power.

He's a student of power in general. As a Vodoun priest, Bocor came to Port Oakes eager to learn the secrets of the mysterious ghosts that haunt its shores. But he's not immune to the call of more earthly power, such as that wielded by the Family. Which makes him a dangerous adversary, or a powerful ally.

The Radio


Occupation: Liason for Radio Free Opportunity
Location: Marconeville
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Council, Legacy Chain, Longbow, The Lost, Wyvern

Rumor has it every now and then a mysterious voice speaks through this seemingly innocuous radio.

According to the rumors, the things the voice says can lead to great opportunity to those that listen in. Radio Free Opportunity sells itself as the home of the best information for villains with the right inclination and the inside scoop on a great deal of the local criminal activity.

Veluta Lunata


Occupation: Fortunata
Location: Port Oakes
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Legacy Chain, Spectral Pirates

Formerly one of Ghost Widow's personal aides, Veluta Lunata fell out of favor when she was discovered having an affair with an Arachnos soldier.

As a test of Veluta's loyalty, Ghost Widow ordered her to kill the young man. Veluta did as she was bidden and slew the man she loved. Impressed, Ghost Widow took pity on her and told her how to bind the soldier's soul to herself for all eternity. Currently, Veluta is tasked with monitoring the Arachnos ghost research program on Port Oakes.

She hopes someday to work her way back into Ghost Widow's good graces.