Contacts: Mercy Island

Contacts: Mercy Island



Occupation: New Villain Liaison
Location: Darwin's Landing
Enemy Groups: Carnival of Shadows, Circle of Thorns, Infected, Longbow, Snakes

As an Arachnos Fortunata, it is Kalinda's task to keep an eye on all new arrivals to Mercy Island.

That doesn't mean she's on their side. A powerful psychic, she evaluates each new resident for signs of greatness, and for signs of weakness. Kalinda can set you on the path to greatness, or she can make sure you're never heard from again.

There are only two things she believes in: the glory of Arachnos, and the survival of the fittest.



Occupation: Snake Exterminator
Location: Mercy City
Enemy Groups: Hellions, Security Guards, Snakes

Mongoose gained his name fighting Snakes in Darwin's Landing. He's a tough customer but knows Mercy Island quite well, so he's worth talking to if you want to learn a few things about the Darwin's Landing and Mercy neighborhoods.

Seer Marino


Occupation: Fortunata Seer
Location: Fort Cerberus
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Legacy Chain, The Lost

An Arachnos veteran of nearly 15 years service, Fortunata Seer Pia Marino joined in her youth along with her older brother, Paolo.

The two had grown up in the Rogue Isles under Lord Recluse's rule, and joined Arachnos together to improve their lot in life. Pia was soon singled out as one of the few with a precognitive gift, and was brought into the ranks of the Fortunata Seers. Her brother Paolo suffered an unfortunate fate, and is listed as missing, presumed dead.

While Seer Marino has served Arachnos with distinction, during her career, she has not sought to advance her powers or position since Paolo's presumed death.

Matthew Burke


Occupation: Mercenary
Location: Darwin's Landing
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Longbow, Snakes

Matthew Burke's been around the Rogue Isles a long time. Long enough to see Arachnos grow in power, and long enough to resent their interference in his work.

Most people on the Isles tend to roll over when Arachnos gets too close to their territory, but not Matt. Instead, he's learned to fight back. With his network of contacts and his long line of experience in the dirty business of mercenary work, Matt's managed to stay one step ahead of any Arachnos assassins who might want to take him down. How long this can last is anybody's guess.

Doctor Creed


Occupation: Mad Scientist
Location: Mercy Island
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Hellions, Infected, Longbow, Wyvern

Doctor Creed is a mad scientist who has taken to researching the Infected on Mercy Island in hopes of unlocking the source of their power.

It is rumored he was a former SERAPH scientist until he tired of their moral and ethical imperatives. He has been studying the Infected on Mercy Island for a while, researching these living zombie-men who have become nothing more than pathetic rejects of humanity in hopes that he can uncover a way to turn the Infected into a new form of super-powered being.