Contacts: Cap Au Diable

Contacts: Cap Au Diable

Dmitri Krylov


Occupation: Metahuman Researcher
Location: Devil's Coat Tails
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Clockwork, Goldbrickers, Krylov's Creations, Longbow, Luddites, Skulls, Spetsnaz Commandos, The Lost, Vahzilok, Wyvern

Dr. Dmitri Krylov is rumored to be once part of a Soviet super-program to develop metahuman soldiers. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Dmitri came to the Rogue Islands to continue his expermients and to profit from the results.

Dr. Shelly Percey


Occupation: Doctor
Location: Haven
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Council, Goldbrickers, Longbow, Luddites, The Lost, Vahzilok

Shelly Percey left medical school in disgrace during her third year, when one of her professors found her performing unethical experiments on an injured hero.

Since her fall from grace, Shelly's kept herself busy providing medical services to the less scrupulous metahumans to be found by the dozen in the Rogue Isles. She doesn't stoop to treating those without super powers, and she's become quite an expert in her somewhat rarefied field.

She owes her mastery of the metahuman physique to her insatiable curiosity, which has gotten her into trouble more than a few times.

Peter Themari


Occupation: Reprobate
Location: Haven
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Council, Legacy Chain, Longbow, Luddites

Some say Peter Themari is a demon in human form. Whether that's true or not, most of the people he knows agree that he's a horrible person.

And most of the people he knows are villains. Themari loves the Rogue Isles because they let him indulge his every depredation. He looks on the islands as his own personal hunting ground ,and passionately hates anyone who would dare to bring justice to them.

Golden Roller


Occupation: Goldbricker Troubleshooter
Location: New Haven
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, Clockwork, Crey Industries, Goldbrickers, Longbow, Luddites, The Family, The Lost, Trolls, Tsoo, Vahzilok, Wyvern

No one knows who the Golden Roller really is, only that he gets his name from the sleek gold luxury car he drives around Cap Au Diable.

The word on the street is he's a troubleshooter for the Goldbrickers, the high-tech thieves that plague the island. He seems to have a knack for juggling multiple schemes to advance his own agenda, and has made a great deal of enemies in the process.

If you can keep his business dealings anonymous and are looking for work, Golden Roller is the man to see.

Marshal Brass


Occupation: Arachnos Militia Liaison
Location: Aeon City
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Clockwork, Goldbrickers, Shivans, Wyvern

Marshal Leon Brass is the head of all Arachnos military operations in Cap Au Diable.

Though he technically reports to Dr. Aeon, the Island's governor, Marshal Brass has a lot of power of his own. Many think that he was put in place to monitor Dr. Aeon for Arachnos, and remove him by force should the erratic scientist become a threat.

Willy Wheeler


Occupation: Street Dealer
Location: Aeon City
Enemy Groups: Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, Longbow

Everyone in Aeon City has heard about Willy 'Dealer' Wheeler, well, at least if you believe all of Willy's hype.

He's the guy who wants to hit it big, but hasn't - he's a little man with a big chip on his shoulder. Lately, however, things have been different. Apparently Willy's got a new source with hot tips. Who knows? Maybe Willy has finally hit the big time.

So if you need something dealt with or are looking for some lucrative jobs, just call the Dealer.

Operative Wellman


Occupation: Arachnos Operative
Location: New Haven
Enemy Groups: Longbow, Outcasts, Security Guards, Tsoo, Wyvern

Wellman is an efficient Arachnos Operative. Rumor has it he was once a beat cop in Paragon City, but got tired of the heroes taking the spotlight.

Others say that he was a cop on the take, but Wellman is quick to quash those whispers. His job is to locate and recruit mew talent for Arachnos, so if you have potential and do your job, you might just impress Wellman and earn a position of power within the Rogue Isles.