Rating Stories - The Star System

Rating Stories - The Star System

As you play through stories created by others, you'll get the chance to rate the story from 1 - 5 stars. If you rate the content well, the creator will gain tickets.


You can also leave a comment to the creator of the story you're on, telling them what you liked or what you would like to see them improve.

Hall of Fame

Arcs that become very popular among the community will earn the 'Hall of Fame' rank. Hall of Fame stories get permanently stored on the Arc Server and allow the author to publish a fourth story up to the server.

Developer's Choice

Dev Choice stories are stories that the developers hand pick as the best of the best. Dev Choice stories get permanently stored on the Arc Server as well and allow the author to publish an additional story up to the server.

Guest Author

Guest Authors are individuals specially brought in to tell stories within Mission Architect. You can think of these stories as a type of Dev Choice.

We've covered how you rate stories and the different types of ranks a story can have. Now, let's spend some time talking about what happens to those stories that are considered inappropriate for Mission Architect.

Inappropriate Stories

Mission Architect wants an enjoyable experience for everyone. To that end, we have to heavily monitor all the stories being created within this system. We hope you will aid us in keeping a watchful eye for stories, characters or situations that aren't acceptable.

Flagging Content

Stories that have inappropriate content can be flagged for Architect Entertainment's Customer Service team to investigate. You can flag content by hitting the Architect Options button in your compass window. At the bottom of the window you'll find a big red button that says Report for Content. Hitting this button will open up another window, allowing you to give more detail regarding the story.


Report Options:

  • Inappropriate Content: Stories that step outside of the T for Teen ratings or violate the End User License Agreement (EULA) in some way.
  • Copyright Infringement: Stories that use characters, plots or events owned by others.
  • Broken of Bugged Mission: Stories that have problems that make it uncompleteable.
  • Other Violation: Reasons not listed above that make the story inappropriate.

Once one of these four options is selected, players are asked to fill out a complaint about the story. These complaints will be viewed by both Customer Service as well as the original creator of the story (if the story gets banned and unpublished). Be as constructive and helpful as possible. This is not the place to vent your anger or frustration at the creator or Mission Architect as a whole.

Banned Once

If a story gets flagged repeatedly for inappropriate content there is a chance the story will get pulled from the server before customer service investigates it. This unpublishes the story. The next time the creator logs into Architect, he will be notified that one of his stories was banned. He'll also be able to read any complaints left about this story. From here, the creator will have the option to make some changes to the story and republish it or simply delete the story altogether.

Banned Twice

If the creator makes changes to the story and republishes it, the story goes back up to the Arc Server as normal. However, the story is being watched. If it continues to get hits for bad content the story can and will get pulled again. The creator will again be notified that the story has been pulled. They will also be informed that from this point, they are not allowed to simply republish the story. Instead, they have to make any changes and submit the story directly to Customer Service.

Report to Customer Service

Once the story is submitted to CS, it'll be up to them to decide how best to proceed. They can choose to mark the story as acceptable, removing all flags from the story and not allowing any other flags to be placed on it. However, they can also decide that the content is unacceptable and take action against the creator. This action could range from a simple warning to being permanently banned from Paragon City and the Rogue Isle entirely.