Architect Rewards

Architect Rewards

You can break rewards in Mission Architect into two distinct groups, Rewards for the Creators and Rewards for the Players.

Creator Rewards

Those who make stories for Mission Architect will receive Tickets based off of player approval. The higher a story is rated the more tickets the creator will gain. There is even a chance that if the story is liked well enough that it'll move into the Hall of Fame. When content gets moved into the Hall of Fame the story is then permanently uploaded to our Arc Server. This allows the player to publish a fourth story up to the server. If another of his stories gets into the Hall of Fame or even in the highly coveted Developer's Choice category, the player will be able to publish a fifth story.

Player Rewards

Those who choose to play others stories in Architect will earn equivalent experience and rewards as if they were adventuring outside of this simulated environment. The only key difference is that players will gain Tickets, instead of random drops. These tickets can be redeemed at a local ticket vendor for Enhancements, Inspirations, Salvage, Recipes and more.

Architect Tickets

Architect Tickets are similar to our Merits System. If you're unfamiliar with that system, let us explain. As you defeat enemies on an Architect mission or complete objectives you gain Tickets. When you complete a mission, you gain bonus tickets equal to the amount of tickets you collected throughout the course of your mission. This bonus actually increases for each mission in a StoryArc.

These tickets are stored as a unique type of salvage. You can then take these tickets to a Ticket Vendor located in any Architect Entertainment building and redeem them for rewards.

salvage ticket


While playing in Mission Architect you can earn Architect specific badges. There are a number of badges for playing in both Test mode as well as playing Published content. However, the only other badges besides Architect badges that can be earned while in Architect are the badges that are granted to you for earning a certain amount of badges.