Creating Stories in Mission Architect

Creating Stories in Mission Architect

Story Settings

Stories in Architect are broken up into three logical parts, Story Settings, Mission Settings and Mission Goals. Stories are made up of a series of chapters or missions that follow one after the next. You can have up to five missions in a single story in Mission Architect. Each of these missions can have a number of goals for the players to accomplish before the mission is considered complete.

  • Story
  • Missions
  • Goals


Now we'll walk through each of the steps for creating a story in Mission Architect.

Story Title & Description

The first step is to come up with a name for your story and a short description. When you publish your story, this information will be what other players see. It will also be one of the factors players use to determine if they want to play your story or not, so make it good.

story settings

Story Contact

A Story Contact is the person or object who tells the story to the players. You need a name for the contact and you need to determine the type of contact. You're options for type is Default, Standard Contacts, Enemy Groups, Objects and Custom.

Contact Types:

  • Default: The blank hologram contact.
  • Standard Contacts: Any existing Story Contact already in our database.
  • Enemy Groups: Every individual in our database from Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.
  • Objects: Inanimate objects that can also be used as Story Contacts.
  • Custom: A Story Contact you create yourself using our custom character creator.

If you're not sure what to put for the Story Contact, don't worry you can always come back later or even leave it blank.

Story Parameters

Story Parameters are optional settings not required for the story to be playable. Currently, the only setting is the Suggested Alignment. Suggested Alignment is the recommended alignment of the story. The options are Heroic, Neutral and Villainous. This setting doesn't restrict players from playing the story. It is merely a way for you to label your story with a specific alignment.

Souvenir Clue

Souvenir Clues are pieces of information (text) the players take with them once they're through with the adventure. These clues are keepsakes to remind the player of your story.

Souvenir Clue Options:

  • Souvenir Name: The name or title of the clue.
  • Souvenir Description: The body of text for the clue.