Additional Text

Additional Text

mission title

These are text options that are not required for the mission to be playable, but help add depth and personality to your story.

Mission Title

This is the title of the mission, displayed in all the Story Contact dialog windows. The Mission Title can be different than the Story Title. However, in most cases it's the same.

Example: Face Off Against Frostfire

Mission Subtitle

This is the subtitle of the mission, displayed directly underneath the Mission Title in all the Story Contact dialog windows.

Example: Part One or Mission One or Prologue

additional text

Mission Accept Text

The text the players click when they agree to take the mission from the Story Contact. By default this text is 'Accept'.

Example: Agree to take out Frostfire

Mission Entry Popup

You can have a window popup when the players first enter the mission map.

Example: You were sent in here to take down Frostfire, but something tells you there's more going on than meets the eye.

Mission Success Popup

You can also have a popup window appear when the players exit a mission they've successfully completed.

Example: You've taken down Frostfire. Now return to your contact and find out what's really going on.

Mission Fail Popup

Finally, you can have a popup window appear when the players exit a mission they've failed to complete.

Example: You didn't manage to take down Frostfire. He got away.

Return Fail Dialog

Dialog spoken by the Story Contact if the players fail the mission. This only shows up if the mission can be failed. Failing a mission does not stop the story from progressing.

Example: What? He got away? But what about my sister? He was supposed to know where she was. What am I going to do?

Now, you have the overall story settings chosen, you've picked the location, picked the enemies and written the dialog for the first mission. Next we move onto Mission Goals.