Mission Goals

Mission Goals

Mission Goals are achievable objectives placed in your mission. These goals range from having the players defeat a specific boss to collecting information from a computer. Normally, Mission Goals must be achieved in order for the mission to be considered completed. However, you also have the option to turn this on or off. There are two types of Mission Goals, Basic and Advanced. We'll cover all of them below, but first we're going to cover some of the common properties amongst all of the Mission Goals.

Common Mission Goal Properties

There are a handful of mission goal properties that are common amongst all. Rather than cover them in each mission goal, we're going to discuss them here.

mission goal


The name of the mission goal. This name will appear in the Target Window when the players interact with it.

Required for Mission Completion

This sets whether or not the players need to achieve this goal in order for the mission to complete. Not every mission goal has this option.

One of the things you should note is that if you turn off the required for Mission Complete option, the object will not show up in the Navigation Window. The only way you can get not required text to display in the navigation window is if you specifically edit the Navigation Text (Plural) and the Navigation Text (Singular).

This Mission Goal is created when...

This allows you to trigger one mission goal after another. For example, you could have a Boss mission goal appear on the map only after the players have rescued a Captive. In this option, you choose the mission goal that causes this goal to be created.


This allows you to increase the number of mission goals of this type. These mission goals will be exactly the same.


This controls where the mission goal will appear in a mission. Your options are Front, Middle and Back. You should note, that outdoor maps do not have a Front, Middle or Back. Instead, it is considered one large room.


This controls the rank and amount of the enemies in this mission goal. Increasing the difficulty causes enemies of higher rank to appear as well as increasing the number of enemies.

Navigation Text (Singular / Plural)

This is the text that displays in the compass window for this mission goal. If there is only one mission goal of this type then the Singular Text will displayed. However, if there are more mission goals the Plural Text will display.

You can have multiple mission goals of different types displayed under the same Plural Text. All you have to do is have the same text in each of the Navigation Text (Plural) fields.

Example: The mission has three different objects, a computer, a desk and a bookshelf. The Navigation Text (Plural) for all of them reads "Clues to Find". This will cause the text in the compass window to display "3 Clues to Find". Also, you should have the Navigation Text (Singular) be the same for all three with the text of, "1 clue remaining".


Many mission goals have the option of granting a clue once they are completed. Clues are little pieces of information that propel the story forward. Clues have two fields, Clue Name, the name of the clue and Clue Description, the actual text of the clue.

That covers the common options shared amongst most of the mission goals. Now, let's move onto the specific mission goal options.