Mission Settings

Mission Settings

Now that you've named your Story, picked your Story Contact and filled out any of the optional story settings, you can begin working on your first mission. In Mission Settings you define all the high level aspects of your mission. Where does the first mission take place and who are the enemies that populate it?

Enemy Group

Here you pick the type of enemy you want to populate the mission. There are two general categories of enemies. They can be Standard, which come from existing enemies already in our database or Custom, which are enemy groups created by you.

Standard enemy groups are restricted by security level. This means they can only appear in a finite amount of player levels (1 - 50). If you chose Standard enemies, players will be restricted to play your story within the level rage of those enemies. This means the players could potentially have their level dramatically increased to fight a high ranking enemy group or the players could have their level dramatically dropped to be on par with a lower level enemy group. You can see the enemy group's level range next to their name in parentheses: Clockwork (1 - 20).

mission enemy group

Map Type

Once you've chosen the enemies you want in the mission, you need to select the location or the map for the mission. Each Map Type is made up of multiple individual maps, broken down by length.

For example, the map type of 'Office Standard - City of Heroes Set' has Small, Medium and Large sizes. Each one of these sizes has twenty individual maps to choose from.

Map Length

This is the overall size of the map. Common options are Tiny, Small, Medium and Large.


The final option for setting the location is choosing the specific map. You can leave the map as Random by default, or you can choose from one of the individual maps in the list.

When you select a specific map, you will see important information about that map displayed on the right hand side of the Mission Architect window.

Map Information:

  • Map Image: This is the overhead image of the map. If the map has multiple floors there will be an arrow to the right of the image that allows you to cycle through the different floors.
  • Map Details: Each map can only hold a finite amount of mission goals (see Mission Goals). In the Map Details section you see how many of each type of Mission Goal is allowed.
mission enemy group

Mission Parameters

Here you can chose optional settings for this specific mission. Options include:

Mission Parameters:

  • Mission Pacing: This controls the level range progression of enemies on the map.
  • Time to Complete: This sets the amount of time the players have to complete the mission in minutes. Be aware that setting a timer creates a potential for the players to fail the mission.

Mission Complete Clue

This gives the players a clue or a piece of information once they've completed the mission. A clue usually reveals some deeper aspect of the story to the players.

Mission Complete Clue

  • Clue Name: The name or title of the clue.
  • Clue Description: The text of the clue given when the player completes the mission.