Journal of Silver Mantis

Journal of Silver Mantis

SM_journal.jpgOur plan backfired. Scorpion and I just came from a long meeting with Recluse himself. He seemed surprised that our plot to steal from the Liberty wench went so well. We hoped that the jetpack tech could be adapted as a short-range flight power for Scorpion but to no avail. The big spider decided the destined ones needed some positive reinforcement and gave them the left over packs. Carrot and stick...who knew he was even capable.

Unfortunately, Recluse was so impressed with our thieving success that he has asked Scorpion to steal even more gifts bound for the city. Statesman's flunkies have organized some sort of charity drive offering presents to the sickly and weak. The first cargo ship bearing gifts arrives in Independence Port today and, in order to embarrass Statesman, we are to intercept as many of these shipments as possible between now and January 2nd. Our Lord hopes to make Statesman look the fool, unable to fulfill his promise of gifts for all.

As usual Scorpion was lost without me, ready to rush headlong to the cargo ships in order to steal the gifts himself. Ah, my Scorpion, a wonder of raw, brutal power. But his unbridled strength is so very inefficient. After some thought, I've come up with a plan that will allow us to fulfill Recluse's orders with little effort.

Rather than run back and forth ourselves, we will send the little destined ones out to the shipping lanes. A few low ranking Arachnos agents will direct them to the tugboats I've readied to pull them to the cargo ships. There they can pirate whatever gifts they can carry. To motivate the little runts, I've arranged a deal with the facemakers. They will offer their ghastly skills as a reward to anyone who returns with enough stolen presents.

The more I think about it the more I suspect the upcoming holiday season makes Recluse nervous for reasons he would not care to admit. Certainly it is admirable to ruin frivolous holiday cheer simply on principle, but I see a more private reason behind all of this. Our Lord's pet project with the destined ones is close to his heart and he fears that they might be lured away by the gluttonous holiday celebrations happening in Paragon. That these children of destiny are so important to him is a weakness that I must not forget. Perhaps one day this weakness can be exploited. I must work to protect my dear Scorpion as he moves among that pit of vipers called Arachnos.