Ghost Widow's Journal - September 22, 2005

Ghost Widow's Journal - September 22, 2005

GW_journal.jpgSeptember 22nd, 2005

As my Lord expected, heroes have begun to enter Siren's Call again. The Paragon City authorities have finally made a public statement regarding the decreased radiation levels in the area. They have been over cautious as usual, but that timidity has served Arachnos well. The trap set by Silver Mantis worked to perfection.

It was over a year ago that Lord Recluse set into motion the events that would allow us to establish a base of operations on the coastline of Paragon City. It was clear even then that in order to strike at Statesman's precious home, Arachnos would need to extend the tendrils of its web closer to the heart of the City of Heroes. The idea to irradiate the area came from Black Scorpion; at times, his crude heavy-handedness can be quite effective. Setting off a bomb was not exactly what my Lord had in mind. It was the Scorpion's "companion" who suggested a less obvious alternative.

When examining the options, Sunburst was an easy choice. Some of my more brutish associates wanted to use Positron, but Sunburst's reputation for reckless behavior made him the ideal selection. Since it was her idea initially, it was left to Silver Mantis to execute the operation. I did not pay close attention to the details, but apparently the Mantis used an android created by Arachnos scientists to lure Sunburst onto the docks. The construct then fulfilled its true purpose by causing an overload of the hero's power, resulting in an explosion large enough to make the area uninhabitable by mortals. My Lord had a few non-human minions who were not affected by the radiation. On their own, they were not numerous enough to solidify Arachnos' position, but fortunately Arachnos' policies on radiation exposure are quite a bit more lax than those of the Paragon Emergency Management Office.

We must prepare ourselves for the inevitable stream of do-gooders looking to make a name for themselves. It is important that we hold the area around the base long enough for the next phase of my Lord's plan to come to fruition. I am uncertain when that will unfold - he tells me that a key part is missing. Until that time the foolish defenders of Paragon City will have an unpleasant surprise in store when they try to restore order to their precious Siren's Call.