Ghost Widow's Journal - June 8, 2005

Ghost Widow's Journal - June 8, 2005

GW_journal.jpgJune 8th, 2005

Mako and Scirocco have come into conflict once again. It seems their men got into a melee while waiting for their masters on Granville. None of them would admit to starting the battle so the matter is being brought before Arbiter Diaz. The Shark and the Wind, death and destruction...even they must abate their fury at the word of an Arbiter of Arachnos.

The Arbiters...I wonder, upon occasion, what life here in the Rogue Isles would be without them. I remember a time before they had been given full authority to rule on disputes. My Lord Recluse had to settle all points of contention. Often that meant a great deal of blood and death. In the end it was somewhat...counterproductive. It took some time to make it clear that the Arbiters are inviolate, but after several unruly individuals had their entire families eradicated, things settled into a routine.

There will always be conflict on the Rogue Isles. My Lord firmly believes that only the strongest deserve to thrive, or even to survive. There are times, however when it is in everyone's best interest to have someone within Arachnos who can hand down at least a somewhat neutral judgment. The Arbiters answer only to Lord Recluse himself. They know that allowing themselves to be discovered as corrupt will end any protection he affords them. They help the islands run smoothly with their velvet glove in a way no amount of steel fists could.

Whatever ruling Arbiter Diaz pronounces will be accepted, perhaps grudgingly, but accepted it will be. Its long term effect will be difficult to discern but although the machinations go on, our uneasy peace will continue.