Ghost Widow's Journal - May 11, 2005

Ghost Widow's Journal - May 11, 2005

GW_journal.jpgMay 11th, 2005

In light of recent developments I arranged a meeting with this seer, Kalinda. I wanted to hear her thoughts on the others who have assembled at Lord Recluse's feet. She is disturbing, this Fortunata, and I left her presence with turbulent thoughts. She spoke to me not only of my Lord's other servants, but of my own destiny as well.

She began with Mako...the Shark. He has attached Captain to his name more often recently. It is a veneer of civility, nothing more. Like his namesake, he is a perfect killing machine. Kalinda seems to believe that Captain Mako is seeking some hidden power. Something he is trying to tap into or control, she said. I wonder if it is nothing more than his feral nature.

Next was Scirocco...the Desert Wind. He is destruction incarnate, but there is something strange about this one. He treats me with what I am tempted to call kindness. His attitude makes no sense amidst the conflict and contention we experience every day within Arachnos, but Kalinda says it has to do with something that happened in his past. According to her, Scirocco is on some sort of personal quest, something that may or may not involve me. Seers can be so frustratingly vague.

Then Kalinda spoke to me of Black Scorpion. His unwavering focus drives my Lord's technicians to previously unknown heights of invention on a daily basis. Fortunately I do not deal with that part of Arachnos' affairs very often, for the Scorpion can barely tolerate my presence. I do not know why he feels that way, but the cursed Fortunata tells me that I am somehow linked to his eventual demise.

Speaking about Black Scorpion led Kalinda to begin telling me of my own fate. I quickly left her presence, but not before she spoke one chilling phrase about me: "The release you seek will come from the place you least suspect." I refuse to ponder its meaning too deeply; I do not like the implications.