Ghost Widow's Journal - August 5, 2005

Ghost Widow's Journal - August 5, 2005

GW_journal.jpgAugust 5th, 2005

Ms. Liberty's militia is becoming increasingly problematic. They call themselves Longbow, which is a reference to the range of their influence. I suppose I must admit they live up to the name.

The youngest "defender of liberty' seems to think that this new, more militaristic branch of the Freedom Corps is somehow special. I have seen broadcasts of her speaking to the press about their heroics, all while standing comfortably on her pedestal in Atlas Park. It seems that she believes Freedom Corps proper are still best utilized in their current duties in Paragon City, but that upon occasion there calls for more direct response did she put it...villainy. I find the thinly veiled conflict she must be having with her dear mother over this matter quite amusing. I think it safe to say that the elder lady Liberty never imagined her precious Freedom Corps being directly involved in conflict, let alone one as difficult and protracted as the current war for control of the Rogue Isles. I wonder, is the famous Statesman able to negotiate in those discussions?

When these Longbow agents and their pet heroes first arrived on the Rogue Isles, my Lord Recluse was not particularly troubled. I am loathe to say it, but I believe he underestimated them. He did not take fully into account their training, their determination, and their misguided dedication to the ideals of a child. Now they have proliferated to the point where they have a number of strongholds both overt and concealed. There are even reports of encounters on the streets with these sheep-like servants of higher virtue.

Intelligence gathered by my Night Widows indicates that they are broken down into specialized units. Rifleman, Minigun, and Flamethrower units are as clumsy and brutish as their names would imply. Their Eagle units fancy themselves Marksmen, and I am told their Spec-Ops agents provide entertaining games of hide and seek for my Widows. Longbow also has several more well equipped units. The cleverly named Chasers are small hover vehicles they use as tactical support, Nullifiers use gadgets to harry and knock down their foes, and the elite Ballista agents have potent energy powers. Finally, as I mentioned earlier, the Longbow teams are often led by low grade super-powered heroes who I can only assume were unable to make it on their own.

I am uncertain at this time what my Lord's overall plan is to exterminate this infestation--but perhaps the beneficiaries of Operation Destiny will be able to rid us of this plague of fools.