Ghost Widow's Journal - September 1, 2005

Ghost Widow's Journal - September 1, 2005

GW_journal.jpgSeptember 1st, 2005

The dangers in Cap au Diable stemming from Dr. Aeon's Power Transfer System have been increasing at a troubling rate for some time now. Blackouts, power surges, and energy related deaths have all been reported, and in greater and greater numbers. My Lord Recluse asked me to speak to the good doctor today since he cannot rely on the information Black Scorpion provides. That one is only concerned with driving the scientists to invent new upgrades for his shell. My journey to the "Cape of the Devil" proved quite interesting.

Traveling over Cap au Diable, the PTS lines are immediately apparent. They stretch over the sides of the island, two orange tendrils descending from Mount Diable, covering Haven and the Devil's Coat Tails on one side and New Haven and Vagabond Hills on the other. In the center of the island lies Aeon City, and it was there that Dr. Aeon and I were to meet.

The architect of this strange energy system made a strong impression on me, but not the kind he would likely prefer. I will have to keep a close watch over this one. It seems possible that his evident rivalry with Marshal Brass could impair his judgment--and perhaps threaten my lord's interests. When I questioned him about the dangers his system posed, Aeon immediately brought forth documentation blaming much of the recent trouble on Brass. The reports indicated that the marshal's insistence on overseeing the day to day activities of Aeon Corporation have disrupted their efficiency to the point of causing safety issues. Even a cursory examination of the documents raised my suspicion. As I continued to question Aeon, his personal vendetta against the marshal became more and more apparent. In the midst of his tirade, the doctor let slip an intriguing piece of information. The deaths reported in relation to the PTS are not caused by energy surges or downed lines. Apparently, some kind of energy creatures are being spawned from the system, and contact with them is deadly in the extreme. Aeon quickly backpedaled, insisting that the monsters were mere rumors and that no factual evidence of their existence has ever been brought forward.

As I returned to my tower that evening, having been given a cursory tour of Aeon's facility and taken a deeper tour on my own, several things rang clearly in my mind. First and foremost is that the conflict between Aeon and Brass is causing a disturbing amount of chaos and unrest on Cap au Diable. The second is that despite his protestations, Aeon's PTS is spawning dangerous creatures. These are two very different problems but they both bear further investigation. There is no denying that Aeon is quite brilliant, but it appears he is becoming erratic. I believe the best plan of action is to send independent agents to aid Marshal Brass. These individuals can not only help Brass to keep Aeon in line, but also evaluate the marshal's methods. And perhaps they can learn more about these strange energy creatures--about the dangers they pose, and the opportunities they present.