Power Sets

Kinetic Melee


The essence of the Kinetic Melee power set is the ability to take an enemy's strength and use it against him. Using fluid motions that are deceptively quick, the practitioner of this art can stand toe to toe with the strongest foes and defeat them.

Kinetic Melee combines martial prowess with ranged capabilities and is a perfect power set for those seeking a distinctive and unusual hand-to-hand combat experience. Each attack that lands on a target weakens that target's ability to fight back. When a practitioner activates Siphon Power, each subsequent attack becomes yet even more powerful. Combined with the Kinetic Melee power set's knockdown, knockback, and stun effects, the powers in this power set provide melee-based characters with an awesome arsenal of abilities that have never been seen before.

Power Set

  • Quick Strike
  • Body Blow
  • Smashing Blow
  • Power Siphon
  • Repulsing Torrent
  • Confront
  • Burst
  • Focused Burst
  • Concentrated Strike